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 fú zhuāng dress / clothing / costume / clothes / CL:身[shen1]
 zhuāng adornment / to adorn / dress / clothing / costume (of an actor in a play) / to play a role / to pretend / to install / to fix / to wrap (sth in a bag) / to load / to pack
 yī wù clothing / clothing and other personal items
 yī shān clothing / unlined garment
穿 chuān yī to wear clothes / clothing
 zhuāng shù attire / clothing
穿 chuān dài to dress / clothing
 liú xíng (of a contagious disease etc) to spread / to propagate / (of a style of clothing, song etc) popular / fashionable
 fú shì apparel / clothing and personal adornment
线 xiàn tiáo line (in drawing, calligraphy etc) / the lines or contours of a three-dimensional object (hairstyle, clothing, car etc)
 wài yī outer clothing / semblance / appearance
 tóng zhuāng children's clothing
 bù yī plain cotton clothing / (literary) the common people
 pí máo fur / fur clothing / skin and hair / superficial / superficial knowledge
 zhì yī clothing manufacture
 yī sī bù guà not wearing one thread (idiom) / absolutely naked / without a stitch of clothing / in one's birthday suit
 yī shí zhù xíng clothing, food, housing and transport (idiom) / people's basic needs
 liāo qǐ to raise / to lift up (curtains, clothing etc)
 shēn cháng height (of person) / length of clothing from shoulders to bottom (tailor or dressmaker's measure)
 pí cǎo fur clothing
 hé fú kimono / Japanese: traditional national clothing, as opposed to Western clothing 洋服
 yī qún female clothing
 xíng tou a person's clothing / outfit / actor's costume
 hán suān wretched / poverty-stricken / unpresentable (for clothing, gifts etc)
 hùn dā to mix and match (of clothing etc)
 yī liào material for clothing
 shěng chī jiǎn yòng to live frugally / to economize on food and clothing / to scrimp and save
 fáng hù fú protective clothing
 tòu shì zhuāng see-through clothing
穿 chī chuān food and clothing
 fēng yī zú shí having ample food and clothing (idiom) / well fed and clothed
 mí cǎi fú camouflage clothing
 jié yī suō shí to save on food and clothing (idiom) / to live frugally
 hán yī winter clothing
 sè lì nèi rěn lit. show strength while weak inside (idiom) / appearing fierce while cowardly at heart / a sheep in wolf's clothing
 mián lǐ cáng zhēn lit. a needle concealed in silk floss (idiom) / fig. ruthless character behind a gentle appearance / a wolf in sheep's clothing / an iron fist in a velvet glove
 dù insect that eats into books, clothing etc / moth-eaten / worm-eaten
 sì square bamboo container for food or clothing
 chěng an ancient type of clothing
 fú full up / classifier for items of clothing (old)
 fù full up / classifier for items of clothing (old)
 shù coarse clothing of camel's hair
 quē yī shǎo shí short of food and clothing / destitute
 zhōng fèng vertical space in a newspaper between two attached pages / vertical line on the back of clothing
 bù bó shū sù cloth, silk, beans and grain / food and clothing / daily necessities
穿 méi chī méi chuān to be without food or clothing (idiom) / to be very poor
 shì dīng stud (for decorating clothing, shoes, belts etc)
 tā inner shirt / to sew onto clothing / see also 禢[Ta4]
 zhēng yī traveler's clothing / military uniform
 zhēng shān traveler's clothing / by extension, traveler
 fú dòng (of a breeze) to make (hair, leaves, clothing etc) sway gently / to ruffle
 dā kòu a buckle or fastener for clothing that does not use a button and buttonhole (e.g. the buckle on metal wristwatches)
 hóng zhuāng splendid gay female clothing
 gāo dàng fú zhuāng haute couture / high fashion clothing
 fǎn cháo (of clothing, furniture, walls etc) to get damp (by absorbing moisture from the air or the ground)
  International Textiles and Clothing Bureau
  Agreement on Textiles and Clothing
  clothing allowance
 lǎo sān sè the three plain colors used for clothing in the PRC in the 1960s: black, gray and blue
 Yōu yī kù Uniqlo, Japanese clothing brand
穿 chuān dā (Tw) to wear selected items of clothing in combination to achieve a particular look / fashion styling
 bèi fú bedding and clothing
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