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穿 chuān zhuó attire / clothes / dress
 zhuāng shù attire / clothing
 yī guān hat and clothes / attire
 yī dài belt / sash / attire (clothes and belt)
 lǐ fú ceremonial robe / formal attire (dinner suit, evening gown etc)
 shèng zhuāng splendid clothes / rich attire / one's Sunday best
 róng zhuāng martial attire
 diàn suburbs or outskirts / one of the five degrees of official mourning attire in dynastic China / official in charge of fields (old)
 mù hóu ér guàn lit. a monkey wearing a hat (idiom) / fig. worthless person in imposing attire
 cǎi yī colored clothes / motley attire
 shèng fú splendid attire
 fú yí attire and grooming
 cì zhèng zhuāng smart casual attire
 zhū fú (archaic) red silk ribbon tied to a seal or a jade pendant / red knee cover, part of an official's robes (also a synedoche for the attire of an official) / to be an official
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