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 zhāo pìn to invite applications for a job / to recruit
 xī shōu to absorb / to assimilate / to ingest / to recruit
 zhāo shōu to hire / to recruit
 shōu lù to include (in a collection) / to put together (stories, poems etc) / to record / to employ / to recruit
 zhēng jí to collect / to recruit
 zhāo mù to recruit / to enlist
 zhāo rén to be infectious / to recruit
 zhāo zhì to recruit (followers) / to scout for (talent etc) / to incur / to lead to
 zhāo lái to canvass (for customers) / to solicit / to recruit
 zhāo jí to recruit / to gather together (volunteers)
 luó zhì to employ / to recruit (talented personnel) / to gather together (a team)
 zhēng to invite / to recruit / to levy (taxes) / to draft (troops) / phenomenon / symptom / characteristic sign (used as proof) / evidence
 zhēng pìn to invite job applications / to recruit
 zhāo to recruit / to provoke / to beckon / to incur / to infect / contagious / a move (chess) / a maneuver / device / trick / to confess
 mù canvass for contributions / to recruit / to collect / to raise
 zhāo yòu to invite / to recruit / to attract / to entice
 zhāo qǐng to recruit / to take on (an employee)
 zhēng cái to recruit
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