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 huá to slip / to slide / smooth / slippery / cunning
 shī zú to lose one's footing / to slip / to take a wrong step in life
 shū lòu to slip / to overlook by negligence / careless omission / oversight
 dǎ huá to skid / to slip / to slide
 cuō tuó (literary) to slip / (of looks etc) to fade away / (of time) to slip away / to squander (time, opportunities) / to dillydally
 huá dǎo to slip (lose one's footing)
 huá yí to slip / to drift
 chū liu to slip / to slide
 cuō to error / to slip / to miss / to err
 dā to stumble / to slip / variant of 達|达[da2]
 lèng to stumble / to slip / to fall
 dǎ liè qie to trip / to miss a step / to slip
 zhuǎn chā to slip (e.g. of clutch) / slippage / also used of economic indicators, statistical discrepancies etc
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