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 liú làng to drift about / to wander / to roam / nomadic / homeless / unsettled (e.g. population) / vagrant
 màn bù to wander / to ramble / recreational hiking / to perambulate
 yóu dàng to wander / to roam about / to loaf about / to be idle
 zhǎn zhuǎn to toss about in bed / from person to person / indirectly / to wander
 piān lí to deviate / to diverge / to wander
 yóu yí to wander / to shift around / to waver / to vacillate
 yún yóu to wander (typically of an errant priest)
 fú yóu to float / to drift / to wander / variant of 蜉蝣[fu2 you2]
 yóu yí bù dìng to oscillate without pause (idiom) / to fluctuate / (of thoughts) to wander / to waver
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