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 jìng yì respect / tribute
 gòng pǐn tribute
 gòng wù tribute
 gòng to offer tribute / tribute / gifts
 gòng fù tribute
 mò āi to observe a moment of silence in tribute
 jìn gòng to offer tribute / to pay tribute that a vassal owes to his suzerain
 cháo gòng to present tribute (to the emperor)
 cóng tribute paid by Han dynasty tribes
 āi gào bīn fú to bring tribute as sign of submission (idiom) / to submit
 xún shū yuè sòng pay every ten days, give tribute every month (idiom) / incessant and ever more complicated demands
 zhì lóng táng sòng "Ruled better that Tang and Song" / Qing Emperor Kangxi's memorial tribute to the first Ming emperor Hongwu 洪武
 nà gòng to pay tribute
 jìn xiàn to offer as tribute
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