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 mù guāng sight / vision / view / gaze / look
 yǎn guāng gaze / insight / foresight / vision / way of looking at things
 shì lì vision / eyesight
 shì jué sight / vision / visual
 yù jiàn to foresee / to predict / to forecast / to envision / foresight / intuition / vision
 xiōng jīn lapel of jacket / heart / aspiration / vision
 yuàn jǐng vision (of the future)
 yuǎn jiàn vision
 chōng jǐng to long for / to look forward to / longing / vision for the future
 yǎn huā dimmed eyesight / blurred / vague and unclear vision
 yǎn lì eyesight / strength of vision / the ability to make discerning judgments
 shì jiè field of vision
 jí gōng jìn lì seeking instant benefit (idiom) / shortsighted vision, looking only for fast return
 yè shì night vision
 yè shì yí night vision device
 lǎo yǎn hūn huā blurred vision of an old person (idiom)
 fù shì double vision / diplopia
 mào indistinct vision / dim
 tóu yūn yǎn huā to faint with blurred vision (idiom) / dizzy and eyes dimmed
 wù lǐ kàn huā lit. to look at flowers in the fog (idiom) / fig. blurred vision
 rén rén yì shì those with lofty ideals (idiom) / men of vision
 tóu hūn yǎn yūn head spinning and blurred vision / giddy / in a faint
 tóu hūn yǎn huā to faint with blurred vision (idiom) / dizzy and eyes dimmed
 yú guāng (out of) the corner of one's eyes / peripheral vision / residual light / light of the setting sun
 chóng yǐng overlapping images / double exposure of photo (e.g. due to fault or motion of camera) / double vision
西 dōng yī láng tóu xī yī bàng zi banging away clumsily in all directions with no overall vision
 mù guāng rú dòu short-sighted / limited vision
 wěng méng blurred vision
 yǎn gé field of vision
 shuāng yǎn shì jué binocular vision
 yè shì jìng night vision device
 dōng yà zhǎn wàng xiǎo zǔ East Asia Vision Group
2030年  Kenya Vision 2030
2030年  Kenya Vision 2030
  World Water Vision - Making Water Everybody's Business / World Water Vision
 lián hé guó zhàn lu:è yuàn jǐng United Nations strategic vision
  Tbilisi Declaration on a Common Vision for Regional Cooperation
 yè shì zhuāng zhì night observation device / night vision device
  Vision International
2050年  Africa Mining Vision 2050
  South Pacific Forum Vision Statement
  Vision par Ordinateur en Afrique pour la Recherche
  New Strategic Vision for Regional Development
  color vision chart
 shì lì biǎo dēng xiāng vision chart light box
2025年 202nián fēi zhōu shuǐ yuàn jǐng African Water Vision 2025
  The Joint Vision of the UN Family for Sierra Leone
21世 21shì jì zhǎn wàng Vision 21: a Shared Vision for Hygiene, Sanitation and Water Supply / VISION 21
 gòng tòng yuàn jǐng fāng àn Shared Vision Program
2020年  2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture and the Environment
  World Vision Canada
  Vision Habitat
  Global Immunization Vision and Strategy
  Vision Welfare Group
2020年  2020 Vision Campaign
  UN Madagascar Vision Strategique
  World Vision International
  The Vision from Banff
  Youth Vision Drug Abuse Forum
 wěng méng blurred vision
 Shāng Tāng Kē jì SenseTime, artificial intelligence company focused on computer vision and deep learning technologies, founded in Hong Kong in 2014
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