• name
  • noun (part of speech)
  • place (e.g. among winners)
  • famous
  • classifier for people



  • 把你的字写在单上,然后把单传给下一个人。
    Put down your name on the list and pass it on to the next person.
  • 他的字不在单里。
    His name is not on the list.
  • 父亲以他姑姑的字为我命
    Father named me after his aunt.
  • 「克里奥帕特拉」这个字已经成为了美女的代词。
    The name "Cleopatra" has become a byword for a beautiful woman.
  • 现场有10警员。
    There were ten police officers on the spot.
  • 她一举成
    She suddenly became famous.
  • 我的字在单中排得最前,所以我第一个被叫进了办工室。
    I was called into the office first, my name being at the head of the list.
  • 伦敦以雾著
    London is famous for its fog.
  • 这本书的字是什么?
    What is the title of the book?
  • 韩国菜以辛辣闻
    Korean food is noted for its spicy flavor.
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