wán quán


  • complete
  • whole
  • totally
  • entirely



  • 由于全球气候变暖,城市可能被完全地淹没。
    Due to global warming, cities could be completely submerged.
  • 你说得完全正确。
    All that you say is perfectly correct.
  • 说实话,我完全忘了。
    To tell the truth, I completely forgot.
  • 完全正确。
    You are absolutely right.
  • 这件连衣裙完全适合我。
    This dress fits me very well.
  • 完全不担心测验的分数。
    She is not in the least worried about her test scores.
  • 你的行为完全合法。
    Your conduct is perfectly legal.
  • 完全听不懂他说的话。
    I did not understand him at all.
  • 完全忘记了这件事。
    I completely forget it.
  • 完全沉浸在书裡。
    He was completely engrossed in the book.
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