lí kāi


  • to depart
  • to leave



  • 离开草坪!
    Get off the lawn!
  • 他刚离开家。
    He has just left home.
  • 快点, 我们要离开了!
    Hurry up, we are leaving!
  • 他必须离开村庄。
    He had to leave the village.
  • 它从哪里离开的?
    Where does it leave from?
  • 他已经离开了。
    He has left already.
  • 你最好马上离开
    You had better leave at once.
  • 离开家有多久了?
    How long have you been alienated from your family?
  • 父亲示意我离开会议室。
    Father gestured to me to leave the room.
  • 保留原状地离开房间。
    Leave the room as it is.
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