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 cháng shì to try / to attempt / CL:次[ci4]
 shì tú to attempt / to try
 qǐ tú to attempt / to try / attempt / CL:種|种[zhong3]
 tú diagram / picture / drawing / chart / map / CL:張|张[zhang1] / to plan / to scheme / to attempt / to pursue / to seek
 shì zuò to attempt / test run
 wèi suì zuì attempt
 zì shā to kill oneself / to commit suicide / to attempt suicide
 rén wéi artificial / man-made / having human cause or origin / human attempt or effort
 chū cì for the first time / first (meeting, attempt etc)
 shè fǎ to try / to make an attempt / to think of a way (to accomplish sth)
 wàng xiǎng to attempt vainly / a vain attempt / delusion
 wàng tú to try in vain / futile attempt
 zhuàng jǔ magnificent feat / impressive feat / heroic undertaking / heroic attempt
 yī bǎ zhuā to attempt all tasks at once / to manage every detail regardless of its importance
 Dà yuè jìn Great Leap Forward (1958-1960), Mao's attempt to modernize China's economy, which resulted in economic devastation, and millions of deaths from famine caused by misguided policies
 quàn dǎo to advise / to attempt to convince
 xún sǐ to attempt suicide / to court death
 chóng zhěng qí gǔ lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom) / to regroup after a setback / to prepare for new initiatives / to attempt a comeback
 qiǎn cháng zhé zhǐ to dabble and stop (idiom) / to dip into / to attempt half-heartedly / content with a smattering of knowledge / also written 淺嘗輒止|浅尝辄止
 yī yàng huà hú lu lit. to draw a gourd from the model (idiom) / fig. to copy sth mechanically without attempt at originality
 yuán mù qiú yú lit. climb a tree to catch a fish (idiom) / fig. to attempt the impossible
 zé (interj. of admiration or of disgust) / to click one's tongue / to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak
 Wù xū Biàn fǎ Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty
 yǐ luǎn jī shí lit. to strike a stone with egg (idiom) / to attempt the impossible / to invite disaster by overreaching oneself
 Bǎi rì Wéi xīn Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty
鹿 zhú lù zhōng yuán lit. hunting deer in the Central Plain (idiom) / fig. to attempt to seize the throne
 táng bì dāng chē a mantis trying to stop a chariot (idiom) / to overrate oneself and attempt sth impossible / also written 螳臂擋車|螳臂挡车[tang2 bi4 dang3 che1]
 yī chuí zi mǎi mài a one-off, short-sighted deal / a one-shot, all-out attempt
 Wéi xīn Biàn fǎ Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty
 yī jǔ chéng gōng success at one go / to succeed at the first attempt
 wèn dǐng qīng zhòng lit. to inquire whether the tripods are light or heavy (idiom) / a laughable attempt to seize power
 sì yī èr shì biàn the coup of 12th Mar 1927, an attempt by Chiang Kai-shek to suppress the communists / called 反革命政变|反革命政變 / or 慘案|惨案 / in PRC literature
 Wù xū Zhèng biàn coup by Dowager Empress Cixi 慈禧太后[Ci2 xi3 tai4 hou4] ending the 1898 attempt to reform the Qing dynasty
 Wù xū Wéi xīn Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty
 chuō lì to work toward / to endeavor / an attempt
 lāo dào cǎo to fish for a straw / futile attempt to gain profit
 tǒng lǐ shè yú to shoot fish in a barrel / to attempt sth too easy
 gǒu qiě tōu ān seeking only ease and comfort (idiom) / making no attempt to improve oneself / taking things easily without attending to responsibilities
 Huá běi Shì biàn North China Incident of October-December 1935, a Japanese attempt to set up a puppet government in north China
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