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 tiǎo zhàn to challenge / challenge
 jiāng jūn general / high-ranking military officer / to check or checkmate / fig. to embarrass / to challenge / to put sb on the spot
 jiào bǎn to signal the musicians (in Chinese opera, by prolonging a spoken word before attacking a song) / (coll.) to challenge
 nuò (literary) to hold (in the hand) / to challenge / to provoke
 tí chū yì yì to disagree / to object / to differ / to challenge (a statement)
PK P K (slang) to take on / to challenge / to go head to head / showdown / comparison
 dòng yáo to sway / to waver / to rock / to rattle / to destabilize / to pose a challenge to
 yìng zhàn to take up a challenge / to face an attack and meet it
 tóng qù qualities that delight children (e.g. bold colors in a picture, anthropomorphized characters in a TV show, the physical challenge of playground equipment)
 zhàn shū written war challenge
 jiào zhèn to challenge an opponent to a fight
 yǐ shēn shì fǎ to challenge the law (idiom) / to knowingly violate the law
 Zhū Yún zhē kǎn Mr Zhu Yun breaks the railing (idiom) / to challenge and admonish boldly
 yíng jiē tiǎo zhàn to meet a challenge
 quán qiú wén máng wèn tí global literacy challenge
  Millennium Challenge Account
 zhì yí zhì duó challenge regime
  unified United Nations response to the global food price challenge
  Millennium Challenge Compact
  African Science to Business Challenge
  Rainforest Challenge
  challenge inspection
  Declaration of Principles - Building the Information Society: a global challenge in the new Millennium / Declaration of Principles
  Financial Development Challenge Fund
  challenge grant
  Millennium Challenge Corporation
  AIDS: Sharing the Challenge
  on-site inspection on challenge
西  Micronesia Challenge
  peremptory challenge
 yǒu běn qián to be in a position to (take on a challenge, etc)
 nuò zhàn to challenge to battle
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