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 shēng míng to state / to declare / statement / declaration / CL:項|项[xiang4],份[fen4]
 xuān yán declaration / manifesto
 biǎo bái to explain oneself / to express / to reveal one's thoughts or feelings / declaration / confession
 shēng míng reputation / declaration
 shēng yán to state / to declare / pronouncement / declaration
 chén shù shū representation letter (law) / a brief / written statement / declaration
 bào shuì to declare dutiable goods (at customs) / to make a tax declaration
 bào dān a tax declaration form / a tax return
 wàng chēng to make a false and unwarranted declaration
 shēn bào dān declaration form
 fā biǎo shēng míng to issue a statement / to issue a declaration
 Bō cí tǎn Gōng gào Potsdam Declaration
 dú lì xuān yán Declaration of Independence
 Shì jiè Rén quán Xuān yán Universal Declaration of Human Rights
 jiǎ bào gào false report / forgery / fabricated declaration (e.g. income tax return)
 dān fāng xuān gào unilateral declaration
 bào shuì biǎo a tax return / a tax declaration form
 xuān rèn public declaration
 lián hé shēng míng joint declaration
 rén quán hè gōng mín quán xuān yán Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
 kāi luó xuān yán Cairo Declaration
 zhōng yīng lián hé shēng míng Sino-British Joint Declaration
  Berlin Declaration
 lián hé guó jiā xuān yán Declaration by the United Nations / United Nations Declaration
饿 shì jiè xiāo miè jī è hé yíng yǎng bù liáng xuān yán Universal Declaration on the Eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition
 yì xiàng shēng míng declaration of intent
  Declaration of the World Climate Conference
 tǎ lú wǎ ěr xuān yán Declaration of Talloires
 tū ní sī xuān yán Tunis Declaration
  Declaration on Development of Transport and Energy Infrastructure in Africa
  World-Wide Declaration on Local Self-Government
 sān yà xuān yán Sanya Declaration
 méng kè dùn xuān yán Moncton Declaration
  Declaration on the Critical Economic Situation in Africa
  Tehran Declaration and Programme of Action on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
  Declaration on Zero Tolerance for FGM
  Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development
 bīng kù xuān yán Hyogo Declaration
  Yaoundé Declaration on Humanitarian Law
  Bangalore Declaration
  Addis Ababa Declaration on Humanitarian Issues
  Bahamas Ministerial Declaration on the Convention on Biological Diversity
 shì jiè yíng yǎng wèn tí xuān yán World Declaration on Nutrition
  Tashkent Declaration
2020年- 2010至2020年  Bangkok Declaration for 2020 - Sustainable Transport Goals for 2010 &ndash / 2020
  Marrakesh Ministerial Declaration
 rì nèi wǎ bù zhǎng xuān yán Geneva Ministerial Declaration
  Sana'a Declaration
  Noordwijk Declaration on Atmospheric Pollution and Climatic Change
 bā bā duō sī xuān yán Declaration of Barbados
  Pretoria Declaration (on biological diversity)
  Dushanbe Declaration on Water
使  Declaration on Refraining from the Threat or Use of Force
  Declaration on the peace process in the Middle East
  Sirte Declaration
  Declaration on the Prevention of Nuclear Catastrophe
  Ankara Declaration
  Declaration of Ayacucho
 lián hé guó tǔ zhù rén mín quán lì xuān yán United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  Amsterdam Declaration on a Better Life for Future Generations
  Dili Declaration
  Beijing Ministerial Declaration on Environment and Development
  Declaration of the Commonwealth on Racism and Racial Prejudice
 sà ěr wǎ duō xuān yán El Salvador Declaration
 lián hé guó wǔ shí zhōu nián jì niàn xuān yán Declaration on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations
  Special Declaration on Namibia
绿  Abuja Declaration on Fertilizer for an African Green Revolution
  Tripoli Declaration
 mǎ ěr mò bù zhǎng jí xuān yán Malmö Ministerial Declaration
 hǎi shàng guó jì fǎ yuán zé xuān yán Declaration Respecting Maritime Law
  Declaration of the Ministers of the African Least Developed Countries
 lián hé yuán zé xuān yán Joint Declaration of Principles
  United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning
 lì bó wéi ěr xuān yán Libreville Declaration
  Beijing Declaration on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development
 fǎn duì mì ér bù xuān jū liú xuān yán declaration against unacknowledged detention of persons
  Doha Declaration
  Declaration of Warsaw Pact Member States
  Dar-es-Salaam Declaration
 mào wù xuān yán Bogor Declaration
  New York Declaration
  Declaration and Agreement on Education
  interpretative declaration
 jūn shì néng lì chéng nuò xuān yán Military Capabilities Commitment Declaration
 fēi zhōu fēi hé huà xuān yán Declaration on the Denuclearization of Africa
  B'okob' Declaration / Chimaltenango Declaration
  Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance
  Declaration concerning the Prohibition of Launching Projectiles and Explosives from Balloons
  Joint Declaration on UN-EU Cooperation in Crisis Management
  Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Continuing the Revitalization of the Non-Aligned Movement
  Declaration of the Ministerial Meeting of the African Group
  Declaration of Environmental Policy and Procedures Relating to Economic Development
  Manama Declaration on Cities and Human Settlements in the New Millennium
 xīn jiā pō yīng lián bāng yuán zé xuān yán Singapore Declaration of Commonwealth Principles
  Declaration on South Africa and Anti-Apartheid Action
  Declaration of Belgrade for a Better Future
  Declaration of the Heads of States and Government of the Least Developed Countries
  Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development
  International Colloquium to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Cartagena Declaration on Refugees
  Declaration on Terrorism
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