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 dì zǐ disciple / follower
 lǐ rén person from the same village, town or province / peasant (derog.) / (of a school of thought etc) follower
 zhuī suí zhě follower / adherent / following
 cóng zhě follower / attendant
 jiào tú disciple / follower of a religion
 jiǔ sè zhī tú follower of wine and women / dissolute person
 Tiān zhǔ jiào tú Catholic / follower of Catholicism
 Dào jiào tú a Daoist / a follower of Daoism
 Mò zhě Mohist / follower of Mohist school
 lǎo shǔ wěi ba lit. rat's tail / fig. a follower of inferior stature
 suí jūn rén yuán camp follower
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