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 shuǐ píng level (of achievement etc) / standard / horizontal
 héng horizontal / across / crosswise / horizontal stroke (in Chinese characters) / to place (sth) flat (on a surface) / to cross (a river, etc) / in a jumble / chaotic / (in fixed expressions) harsh and unreasonable / violent
 héng xiàng horizontal / orthogonal / perpendicular / lateral / crosswise
 wò shì lying / horizontal
线 jī xiàn base (of a triangle) / base line (in geodetic survey) / horizontal
 zòng héng lit. warp and weft in weaving / vertically and horizontal / length and breadth / criss-crossed / able to move unhindered / abbr. for 合縱連橫|合纵连横[He2 zong4 Lian2 heng2], School of Diplomacy during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
线 fēn shù xiàn horizontal line (in a fraction) / minimum passing score
 héng fú horizontal scroll / banner / streamer
 kuà dù span / horizontal distance between vertical supports
 biǎn é a horizontal inscribed board
线 héng xiàn horizontal line / horizontal coordinate line
 héng pī horizontal scroll (for inscription)
 héng guàn horizontal traverse / to cut across / to cross transversally
 Lián Héng Horizontal Alliance, clique of the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家[Zong4 heng2 jia1] during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)
 dān gàng bar / bold line / horizontal bar (gymnastics event)
 mén shuān horizontal bar to hold a door closed (made of wood or metal) / door bolt
 shuǐ píng miàn horizontal plane / level surface / water level
 cháng shí stone beam / horizontal slab of stone / feldspar or felspar (geology)
 héng pái horizontal setting (printing)
 héng qiē to cut across / a horizontal cut
 héng duàn miàn horizontal section
 qīng xié dù inclination (from the horizontal or vertical) / slope / obliquity
 héng mù horizontal beam / wooden crossbar / thwart
 héng zuò biāo horizontal coordinate / abscissa
 é forehead / horizontal tablet or inscribed board / specified number or amount
 miǎn crown in the form of a horizontal board with hanging decorations / imperial crown
 biǎn horizontal rectangular inscribed tablet hung over a door or on a wall / shallow round woven bamboo basket
 jiàn material (such as rocks, earth, bamboo etc) used to hastily repair a dike / (literary) door bar (vertical bar used to prevent the horizontal movement of a door bolt)
 héng duì row / horizontal troop formation
 gàng carrying pole / horizontal bar
 héng gōu horizontal stroke with a hook at the end (in Chinese characters)
 shǔn draw forth / horizontal railing
 Hé zòng Lián héng Vertical and Horizontal Alliance, opposing stratagems devised by the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家[Zong4 heng2 jia1] during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)
 héng pōu miàn horizontal section
 héng biǎn horizontal tablet (for an inscription)
 héng zhé horizontal fold or tuck
 héng gàng bar / horizontal bar
 héng biāo banner / horizontal slogan or advertisement
 héng wén horizontal stripe / striation
 héng é horizontal tablet (for an inscription)
 shuǐ píng zhóu horizontal shaft / horizontal axis (math.)
 pán gàng zi to carry out gymnastic tricks on horizontal bar
  horizontal note
  horizontal technology transfer
 shuǐ píng kuò dài horizontal exaggeration
 shuǐ píng piān yí horizontal offset
  horizontal engineer / road engineer
  horizontal ozone transport / ozone transport
  horizontal ozone transport / ozone transport
 shuǐ píng dìng wèi horizontal positioning
  horizontal transmission
  horizontal action mine
  horizontal linkage
  horizontal drilling
  horizontal drilling
线 shuǐ píng jī zhǔn xiàn horizontal geodetic datum / horizontal control datum / horizontal datum / horizontal reference datum
  horizontal axis wind turbines
 píng miàn kòng zhì wǎng horizontal geodetic network / horizontal control network / horizontal control
 shuǐ píng kòng zhì wǎng horizontal geodetic network / horizontal control network / horizontal control
 píng miàn kòng zhì diǎn horizontal control point
  horizontal scale
  horizontal positioning error
  horizontal dilution of precision
  horizontal report
  horizontal audit
  horizontal engineer section
  horizontal construction
  horizontal stacking
 shuǐ píng wěi yì (aviation) tailplane / horizontal stabilizer
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