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 shū rù to import / to input
 jìn kǒu to import / imported / entrance / inlet (for the intake of air, water etc)
 rù kǒu entrance / to import
 dǎo rù to introduce into / to channel / to lead / to guide into / to import (data)
 chuán rù to import / transmitted inwards / afferent
 yù yì moral (of a story) / lesson to be learned / implication / message / import / metaphorical meaning
 huì rù to flow into / to converge (of river) / (computing) to import (data)
 yáng jiàng (Tw) (sports) foreign player / import
 jìn chū kǒu import and export
 jìn kǒu shāng importer / import business
 jìn kǒu guó import State / State of import
 zhōng shēn dà shì major turning point of lifelong import (esp. marriage)
 jìn zhǐ jìn kǒu import prohibition
 yù yì shēn cháng to have profound import (idiom) / to be deeply significant
 rù chāo trade deficit / import surplus
 guān zhēng customs levy / customs post charging import duties
 jìn kǒu xiàn zhì import restrictions
 jìn kǒu xǔ kě import authorization
 píng xíng jìn kǒu parallel import
  water import dependency
 guó jì jìn kǒu zhèng shū international import certificate
  Central American Agreement on the Equalization of Import Charges
  Development Import Finance Facility
 jìn kǒu bǔ tiē import subsidy
  Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources
  system for international rough diamond export and import controls
  import quota
  International Convention concerning the Export and Import of Animal Products (other than Meat, Meat Preparations, Fresh Animal Products, Milk and Milk Products) / International Convention concerning the Export and Import of Animal Products
  import promotion office
 jìn kǒu tì dài import substitution
  import identification regime for diamonds
 jìn kǒu zhèng import certificate
 jìn kǒu xǔ kě zhèng shǒu xù xié dìng Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures
  timber import ban
  import and export price index
  import request
  import marking
 dà jìn dà chū large-scale import and export
 Zhōng háng jì Jìn chū kǒu Yǒu xiàn Zé rèn Gōng sī China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC)
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