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 yì wài unexpected / accident / mishap / CL:個|个[ge4]
 chā cuò mistake / slip-up / fault / error (in data transmission) / accident / mishap
 bù cè unexpected / measureless / unexpected circumstance / contingency / mishap
 shǎn shī mishap / accident / accidental loss
 chā chí mistake / error / mishap
 bù xìng zhī shì mishap
 píng ān safe and sound / well / without mishap / quiet and safe / at peace
 chū shì to have an accident / to meet with a mishap
 wū lóng black dragon / unexpected mistake or mishap / oolong (tea) / udon (loanword from Japanese)
 yǒu jīng wú xiǎn to be more scared than hurt (idiom) / to get through a daunting experience without mishap
 cǎn huò terrible tragedy / grave mishap
 jiù yǒu yīng dé to deserve what one gets (punishment, mishap etc) (idiom)
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