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 cuò wù error / mistake / CL:個|个[ge4] / mistaken / false / wrong
 gù zhàng malfunction / breakdown / defect / shortcoming / fault / failure / impediment / error / bug (in software)
 wù chā difference / error / inaccuracy
 guò shī error / fault / (law) negligence / delinquency
 chū cuò to make a mistake / error
 chā cuò mistake / slip-up / fault / error (in data transmission) / accident / mishap
 miù wù error / mistaken idea / falsehood
 bìng jù defective sentence / error (of grammar or logic)
 chā chí mistake / error / mishap
 chā difference / discrepancy / to differ / error / to err / to make a mistake
 wù mistake / error / to miss / to harm / to delay / to neglect / mistakenly
 miù variant of 謬|谬[miu4] / error / erroneous
 pī error / carelessness / spoiled silk
 cuō to error / to slip / to miss / to err
 shěng cataract of the eye / error
 bù wěi fault / error
 chā é error / mistake
 chà miù error
 pī miù error / mistake
 é miù error / mistake
 miù zhǒng error / fallacy / misconception / scoundrel / You swine!
 mí wù to mislead / to confuse / error / misconception / erroneous
 wéi shī fault / mistake / shortcoming / error / misconduct
 wù qū mistaken ideas / misconceptions / the error of one's ways
 zuò cuò to make an error
 rèn cuò to admit an error / to acknowledge one's mistake
 dìng xìng to determine the nature (usually of error or crime) / to determine chemical composition / qualitative / fixed
 jiū cuò to correct an error
 kòu fēn to deduct marks (when grading school work) / to have marks deducted / penalty points / to lose points for a penalty or error
穿 chuān bāng (TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover
 yìng shāng injury / trauma / (fig.) glaring error / flaw / shortcoming
 gǎi cuò to correct an error
 wù pàn to misjudge / error of judgment / incorrect ruling / miscarriage of justice
 zǒu yǎn a mistake / an oversight / an error of judgment
 jiāng cuò jiù cuò lit. if it's wrong, it's wrong (idiom) / to make the best after a mistake / to accept an error and adapt to it / to muddle through
 jiū piān to correct an error
 liú yú dì to leave room to maneuver / to leave a margin for error
 shì cuò (abbr. for 嘗試錯誤|尝试错误) trial and error / failure
 xún huán lùn zhèng circular argument / logical error consisting of begging the question / Latin: petitio principii
 zhāo wén xī gǎi lit. heard in the morning and changed by the evening / to correct an error very quickly (idiom)
 pò guàn pò shuāi lit. to smash a cracked pot (idiom) / crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback
 jī fēi chéng shì a wrong repeated becomes right (idiom) / a lie or an error passed on for a long time may be taken for the truth
 fān rán huǐ wù to see the error of one's ways / to make a clean break with one's past
 mào xiǎn zhǔ yì adventurism (a left-wing error against Mao's line during the 1930s)
 lèi bǐ cuò wù analogy error
 shēng páng cuò wù phonological error
 chū cuò xìn xī error message (computing)
 dà bù wěi great error / heinous crime
 kuān dǎ zhǎi yòng to give oneself leeway (idiom) / to allow room for error
 chā zhī háo lí , miù yǐ qiān lǐ the slightest difference leads to a huge error (idiom) / a miss is as good as a mile
 pīn xiě cuò wù spelling mistake / written error
 jiù bìng fù fā old illness recurs (idiom) / a relapse / fig. to repeat an old error / the same old problem
 é zì erroneous character / typographical error
 wù kàn a mistake / an oversight / an error of judgment
 zhuǎn huán yú dì to have room to save a situation / margin for error (idiom)
 yùn xíng shí cuò wù run-time error (in computing)
 luó ji cuò wù logical error
 cuò lòu error and negligence
  propagation of errors / error propagation
 jué duì wù chā absolute error
 suí jī wù chā random error
 xì tǒng wù chā systematic error / bias
I型  type I error
II型  type II error
  circular error probable
  limits of error
  maximum tolerable error
  error budget
  vertical positioning error / vertical error
  clock error / jitter
  standard error / root mean square error / RMS error
  standard error / root mean square error / RMS error
  constant depth error / constant error
  constant depth error / constant error
  error of closure
  error ellipse
  depth-dependent error
  depth error
  total propagated error / total propagation error
  horizontal positioning error
  position error / positioning error / positional error
  position error / positioning error / positional error
  delivery error
  instrument error
  total error
  relative error
  error model
  margin of error
  magnitude of error
 é wù error in a text / text corruption
 wū lóng zhǐ fat finger error (finance)
 kàn zǒu yǎn to make an error of judgment / to be taken in
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