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 fǒu zé if not / otherwise / else / or else
 bù rán not so / no / or else / otherwise / if not / How about ...?
 yào bù otherwise / or else / how about...? / either... (or...)
 yào bù rán otherwise / or else / or
 zài bù if not, then / otherwise
 bù rán de huà otherwise
 yào bu rán otherwise
 chú fēi only if (..., or otherwise, ...) / only when / only in the case that / unless
 yǒu yì wú yì intentionally or otherwise
 qì liàng (lit. quantity of spirit) / moral character / degree of forbearance / broad-mindedness or otherwise / tolerance / magnanimity
 dà nì bù dào disgraceful (of behavior that is unfilial, rebellious or otherwise in grave breach of the norms of society)
 chú lìng yǒu yuē dìng unless otherwise agreed
  unless it appears from the treaty or is otherwise established
  Criteria for Processing of Claims of Individuals not Otherwise Covered
  unless the treaty otherwise provides
  unless it is otherwise agreed
 Běi jīng ké "Beijing cough", respiratory problems caused by dry and polluted Beijing air, typically experienced by non-acclimated foreigners who would otherwise have no such problems
 shuǐ néng zài zhōu , yì néng fù zhōu lit. water may keep the boat afloat but may also sink it (proverb) / fig. the people can support a regime or overturn it / if sth is used properly, one can benefit from it, otherwise it can do harm / things can be double-edged
 lián mài (of two people in different locations) to sing or otherwise perform together using communications technology
便 dé pián yi mài guāi to have benefited from sth but pretend otherwise / to claim to be hard done by, even though one has benefited
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