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 xiào xiàng portrait (painting, photo etc) / (in a general sense) representation of a person / likeness
 xiàng to resemble / to be like / to look as if / such as / appearance / image / portrait / image under a mapping (math.)
 xiě zhēn portrait / to describe sth accurately
 tóu xiàng portrait / bust
 huà xiàng portrait / to do a portrait of sb
 xiàng appearance / portrait / picture / government minister / (physics) phase / (literary) to appraise (esp. by scrutinizing physical features) / to read sb's fortune (by physiognomy, palmistry etc)
 zhēn róng portrait / genuine appearance / real face
 yí xiàng portrait of the deceased
 xiàng zhāng badge / insignia / lapel badge (e.g. with miniature portrait of great national leader)
 bàn shēn xiàng half-length photo or portrait / bust
 xiàng tú phase diagram (math.) / phase portrait
 Xiè Hè Xie He (479-502), portrait painter from Qi of Southern dynasties 南齊
 biāo zhǔn xiàng official portrait
 hēi kuàng black frame (around a funerary portrait or obituary)
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