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 bì nàn refuge / to take refuge / to seek asylum (political etc)
 bì fēng gǎng haven / refuge / harbor / CL:座[zuo4],個|个[ge4]
 bì nàn suǒ refuge / asylum
 shōu róng suǒ temporary shelter / hospice / refuge (e.g. for animals) / detention center
 guī yī to convert to (a religion) / to rely upon / refuge / mainstay
 shōu liú suǒ shelter / refuge
 cáng shēn to hide / to go into hiding / to take refuge
 tóu to cast / to send / to throw oneself (into the river etc) / to seek refuge / to place oneself into the hands of
 dùn rù kōng mén to take refuge in religious life
 bū táo sǒu refuge for fugitives
 xíng rén ān quán dǎo pedestrian refuge / traffic island
 duǒ qióng to take refuge with a rich relative
 duǒ nàn to take refuge / to seek refuge from disaster
 táo zāi bì nàn to seek refuge from calamities
  Treaty on Political Asylum and Refuge
  Guidelines of Places of Refuge for Ships in Need of Assistance
  glacial refuge
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