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 shōu rù to take in / income / revenue / CL:筆|笔[bi3],個|个[ge4]
 yíng shōu sales / income / revenue
 yíng yè shōu rù revenue
 jìn xiang income / receipts / earnings / revenue
 shuì wù taxation services / state revenue service
 Shuì wù jú Tax Bureau / Inland Revenue Department (Hong Kong)
 cái yuán financial resources / source of revenue
 chuàng shōu to generate revenue / extra income
 Hù bù Ministry of Revenue in imperial China
 suì rù annual revenue / annual income
 hù bù shàng shū Minister of Revenue (from the Han dynasty onwards)
 Shuì juān Jī zhēng chù Taipei Revenue Service (tax office)
 cái fù government revenue / tributary goods and finances / finances and taxes / wealth / property / belongings
 yù qī shōu rù piào jù revenue anticipation note (RAN, financing)
  Uganda Revenue Authority
  Central Revenue Fund for Namibia
 yù suàn shōu rù budget revenue
 shōu rù zhàng wù gǔ Revenue Accounts Unit
  Oil Revenue Stabilization Account
 měi guó guó nèi shuì shōu shǔ Internal Revenue Service
 chū kǒu shōu rù export revenue
  Joint Committee for Monitoring and Calculation of the Oil Net Revenue
  National Revenue Fund
  public revenue
  self-sufficient revenue system
  East Timor Revenue Service
 kōng chuāng qī window period (time between infection and the appearance of detectable antibodies) / period during which sth is lacking (boyfriend or girlfriend, work, revenue, production of a commodity etc) / lull / hiatus
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