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 xiāo shòu to sell / to market / sales (representative, agreement etc)
 yíng shōu sales / income / revenue
 huí yòng commission / sales
 cù xiāo to promote sales
 xiāo liàng sales volume
 dǎo gòu shopper's guide / shop assistant / sales staff
 xiāo shòu é sales figure / total income from sales / turnover
 zhuān guì sales counter dedicated to a certain kind of product (e.g. alcohol)
 chǎn xiāo production and sales / production and marketing
 yíng yè shuì tax on turnover / sales tax
 xiāo fèi shuì consumption tax / sales tax
 chōu qǔ to extract / to remove / to draw (a sales commission, venom from a snake etc)
 gōng xiāo supply and marketing / distribution / supply and sales
 xià cuò (of sales, prices etc) to fall / to drop / decline / slump
 mén shì retail sales
 tuī xiāo yuán sales representative / salesperson
 zhǎn xiāo to display and sell (e.g. at a fair) / sales exhibition
 xiāo lù sale / market / state of the market / sales event
 zhǎn xiāo huì trade fair / sales exhibition
 Guāng gùn jié Singles' Day (November 11), originally a day of activities for single people, but now also the world's biggest annual retail sales day
 fǎn diǎn sales bonus / affiliate reward / rebate / commission
 chéng xiāo shāng underwriting company / dealership / sales agency
 xiāo shòu shuì sales tax
 dōu lǎn to canvas (for customers) / to solicit / to advertise / to drum up / sales pitch / to take on (a task)
 chéng xiāo rén sales agent / salesman / consignee / underwriter
 sǎo jiē to sweep the streets / to canvas (for votes, sales etc)
 jūn shòu arms sales
 fǎn lì dealer incentive / sales bonus / rebate
 xiāo huò zhàng sales ledger (accountancy)
  Marketing and Sales Section
  Sales and Marketing
 guó jì huò wù xiāo shòu gōng zuò zǔ Working Group on the International Sales of Goods
  sales officer
  Interregional Sales Development Programme
  Field Sales Offices
  Convention on the law governing transfer of title in international sales of goods
  Production Centers and Field Sales Offices
  Convention on the Law Applicable to International Sales of Goods
  Sales Section
  Domestic International Sales Corporations
  Sales and Promotion Unit
 lán guì sales counter / inquiry desk
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