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 tóng yì to agree / to consent / to approve
 xiāng yìng to correspond / answering (one another) / to agree (among the part) / corresponding / relevant / appropriate / (modify) accordingly
 dā ying to answer / to respond / to answer positively / to agree / to accept / to promise
 fù hè to agree / to go along with / to echo (what sb says)
 xiāng yuē to agree (on a meeting place, date etc) / to reach agreement / to make an appointment
 shāng dìng to agree / to decide after consultation / to come to a compromise
 qì hé agreement / to agree / to get on with / congenial / agreeing with / to ally oneself with sb
 yīng to agree (to do sth) / should / ought to / must / (legal) shall
 dā to answer / to agree
 kěn to agree / to consent / to be ready (to do sth) / willing
 dìng to agree / to conclude / to draw up / to subscribe to (a newspaper etc) / to order
 qì to carve / carved words / to agree / a contract / a deed
 qià accord / to make contact / to agree / to consult with / extensive
 xié to harmonize / to accord with / to agree
 xī to agree
 chéng yìng to agree / to promise
 yìng chéng to agree (to do sth) / to promise
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