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 guāng lín (formal) to honor with one's presence / to attend
 chū xí to attend / to participate / present
 shàng on top / upon / above / upper / previous / first (of multiple parts) / to climb / to get onto / to go up / to attend (class or university)
 niàn to read / to study (a subject) / to attend (a school) / to read aloud / to miss (sb) / idea / remembrance / twenty (banker's anti-fraud numeral corresponding to 廿, 20)
 suí cóng to accompany / to follow / to attend / entourage / attendant
 yì yè to attend (a school) / to drop out (of college etc)
 fù to go / to visit (e.g. another country) / to attend (a banquet etc)
 lì to attend (an official function) / to be present / to administer / to approach (esp. as administrator)
 lì to attend (official functions)
 guǎn dài to wait on / to attend / to serve
 lì rèn to attend / to take office / to be present (in administrative capacity)
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