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 lián xì connection / contact / relation / to get in touch with / to integrate / to link / to touch
 jiē chù to touch / to contact / access / in touch with
 gǎn dòng to move (sb) / to touch (sb emotionally) / moving
 dòng shǒu to set about (a task) / to hit / to punch / to touch
 mō to feel with the hand / to touch / to stroke / to grope / to steal / to abstract
 chù mō to touch
 chù dòng to touch / to stir up (trouble or emotions) / to move (sb's emotions or worry)
 chù jí to touch (physically, one's feelings etc) / to touch on (a topic)
 pèng chù to touch
 chù pèng to touch / (fig.) to touch on (a matter)
 zháo to touch / to come in contact with / to feel / to be affected by / to catch fire / to burn / (coll.) to fall asleep / (after a verb) hitting the mark / succeeding in
 dòng (of sth) to move / to set in movement / to displace / to touch / to make use of / to stir (emotions) / to alter / abbr. for 動詞|动词[dong4 ci2], verb
 gǎn to feel / to move / to touch / to affect / feeling / emotion / (suffix) sense of ~
 chù to touch / to make contact with sth / to stir up sb's emotions
 chù jī to touch / to tap / to contact / (baseball) to bunt
 diǎn chù to tap / to touch (a touchscreen)
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