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  • CL:本[ben3],冊|册[ce4],部[bu4]
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  • 桌上有几本
    There are some books on the desk.
  • 这个图馆有超过50000册
    This library has over 50,000 volumes.
  • 这些架上没有很多
    There are not many books on these shelves.
  • 他的房有数百本
    There are hundreds of books in his study.
  • 我在商Maruzen那里买了这本
    I bought this book at Maruzen Bookstore.
  • 这本是我在车站前的店买的。
    I bought this book at the bookstore in front of the station.
  • 我还了从图馆借的,又借了些新的。
    I returned the books I borrowed from the library, and I borrowed some new ones.
  • 你今天下午去图馆的话,可以顺道替我还两本吗?
    If you are going to the library this afternoon, would you please return two books for me whilst you are there?
  • Scott先用一块手表换了一本,再把换成了钱。
    Scott first changed a watch for a book, then the book for money.
  • 从小开始我就很喜欢读,那时有的钱虽然不多,但也都全花在本上。
    From childhood I was fond of reading, and all the little money that ever came into my hands was laid out in books.
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