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Mandarin kāi
Entry Methods
Pinyin kai1
Kanji /
Sijiao 1044.0
Wubi GAK
CNS 11643 4-214D
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5F00
Level 1
 kāi to open / to start / to turn on / to boil / to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc) / to operate (a vehicle) / carat (gold) / abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文[Kai1 er3 wen2] / abbr. for 開本|开本[kai1 ben3], book format
Results beginning with 开
 kāi shǐ to begin / beginning / to start / initial / CL:個|个[ge4]
 kāi fā to exploit (a resource) / to open up (for development) / to develop
 kāi zhǎn to launch / to develop / to unfold / (of an exhibition etc) to open
 kāi fàng to bloom / to open / to be open (to the public) / to open up (to the outside) / to be open-minded / unrestrained by convention / unconstrained in one's sexuality
 kāi xīn to feel happy / to rejoice / to have a great time / to make fun of sb
 kāi tong open-minded
 kāi kǒu to open one's mouth / to start to talk
 kāi guān power switch / gas valve / to open the city (or frontier) gate / to open and close / to switch on and off
 kāi qǐ to open / to start / (computing) to enable
 kāi tuò to break new ground (for agriculture) / to open up (a new seam) / to develop (border regions) / fig. to open up (new horizons)
 kāi chē to drive a car
 kāi jī to start an engine / to boot up (a computer) / to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete / to begin shooting a film or TV show
 kāi shè to offer (goods or services) / to open (for business etc)
 kāi yè to open a business / to open a practice / open (for business)
 kāi mù to open (a conference) / to inaugurate
 kāi mén to open a door (lit. and fig.) / to open for business
 kāi diàn to open shop
 kāi gōng to begin work (of a factory or engineering operation) / to start a construction job
 kāi chuàng to initiate / to start / to found
 kāi tóu beginning / to start
 kāi huì to hold a meeting / to attend a meeting
 kāi pì to open up / to set up / to establish
 kāi lǎng spacious and well-lit / open and clear / (of character) optimistic / cheerful / carefree
 kāi běn book format, similar to in-4°, in-8° / etc (a 16开 / format is roughly A4) / abbr. to 開|开[kai1]
 kāi zhī expenditures / expenses / CL:筆|笔[bi3], 項|项[xiang4] / to spend money / (coll.) to pay wages
 kāi pán to commence trading (stock market)
 kāi hù to open an account (bank etc)
 kāi xué foundation of a University or College / school opening / the start of a new term
 kāi bàn to open / to start (a business etc) / to set up
 kāi zhāng to open a business / first transaction of a business day
 kāi huā to bloom / to blossom / to flower / fig. to burst open / to feel happy or elated / new development grows out
 kāi cǎi to extract (ore or other resource from a mine) / to exploit / to mine
 kāi jiǎng to announce the winners in a lottery
 kāi kuò wide / open (spaces) / to open up
 Kāi fēng Kaifeng prefecture-level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan / old name Bianliang 汴梁
 kāi chú to expel
 kāi shuǐ boiled water / boiling water
 kāi dào open till...
 kāi qiāng to open fire / to shoot a gun
 kāi zhàn to start a war / to make war / to battle against
 kāi chǎng to begin / to open / to start / beginning of an event
 kāi yǎn to open one's eyes / to widen one's horizons
 kāi tíng to begin a (judicial) court session
 kāi jú opening (chess etc) / early stage of game, match, work, activity etc
 kāi kè school begins / give a course / teach a subject
 kāi yuán to expand one's financial resources / abbr. for 開放源碼|开放源码[kai1 fang4 yuan2 ma3]
 kāi xiāo to pay (expenses) / expenses / (old) to dismiss (an employee)
 kāi pāi to begin shooting (a movie, a scene of a movie etc) / to start the bidding (auction) / to start a trading session (stock market)
 kāi wǎng (of a bus, train etc) to leave for / heading for
 kāi sài to start a match / the kick-off
 kāi duān start / beginning
怀 kāi huái to one's heart's content / without restraint
 kāi suǒ to unlock
 kāi dòng to start / to set in motion / to move / to march / to dig in (eating) / to tuck in (eating)
 kāi dāo (of a surgeon) to perform an operation / (of a patient) to have an operation / to decapitate / to behead / to single out as a point of attack
 kāi wài over and above (some amount) / beyond (budget)
 kāi huǒ to open fire
 kāi zhēng to start collecting taxes
 kāi lù to open up a path / to make one's way through / to construct a road / (electricity) open circuit
 kāi shān to cut into a mountain (to open a mine) / to open a monastery
 kāi dǎ (of a sports competition or match) to commence / (of a war or battle) to break out / to perform acrobatic or choreographed fighting (in Chinese opera) / to brawl / to come to blows
 kāi jià to quote a price / seller's first offer
 kāi lì to found or start
 kāi dǎo to talk sb round / to straighten sth out / to enlighten
 kāi guó to found a state / to open a closed country
 kāi míng enlightened / open-minded / enlightenment
 kāi liè to split open / to dehisce (of fruit or cotton bolls, to split open)
 kāi huāng to open up land (for agriculture)
 kāi piān start of literary work / opening song of ballad in Tanci style 彈詞|弹词[tan2 ci2]
 kāi zǒu to go (of car, train etc) / to drive off
 kāi piào to open ballot boxes / to count votes / to make out a voucher or invoice etc / to write out a receipt
 Kāi luó Cairo, capital of Egypt
 kāi mǎn to bloom abundantly
 kāi dēng to turn on the light
 kāi wā to dig out / to excavate / to scoop out
 kāi kěn to clear a wild area for cultivation / to put under the plow
 kāi shì to open a store for business / to make the first transaction of the day
 kāi dào to clear the way
 kāi jiǎng to begin a lecture / to start on a story
 kāi wèi to whet the appetite / appetizing / to amuse oneself at sb's expense / to tease
 kāi pào to open fire
 kāi huà to become civilized / to be open-minded / (of ice) to thaw
 kāi liū to leave in stealth / to slip away
 kāi fàn to serve a meal
 kāi chūn beginning of spring / the lunar New Year
 kāi tuō to exculpate / to absolve / to exonerate
 kāi qiào to get it straight / to start to understand things properly / enlightenment dawns
 kāi záo to cut (a canal, tunnel, well etc)
 kāi dān to bill / to open a tab
 kāi luó to beat the gong to open a performance
 kāi qiú open ball (math.) / to start a ball game / to kick off (soccer) / to tee off (golf)
 kāi juàn to open a book / open-book (exam)
 kāi guāng eye-opening ceremony for a religious idol (Buddhism) / to consecrate / to bless / transparent / translucent / haircut / shaving the head or face (humorous) / a method of decoration / first light (astronomy)
 kāi jià open shelves (in self-service store or user access library)
 kāi fù (of troops) to depart for / to head for
 kāi jiān alcove / bay in a room / unit of length used for rooms, approx. 3.3 meters
 kāi shuàn (coll.) to make fun of (sb) / to play tricks on
 kāi yǎn (of a play, movie etc) to begin
 kāi ēn to give a favor (used of Christian God)
 kāi fāng to extract a square root
 kāi chuán to set sail
 kāi zuì to offend sb / to give offense / to displease
 Kāi chéng Kaesong or Gaeseong city in southwest North Korea, close to the border with South Korea and a special economic zone for South Korean companies
 kāi píng (a peacock) spreads its tail
 kāi jué to excavate / to dig out / fig. to investigate (in an archive)
 kāi qiāng to speak out / to start speaking
 kāi kuàng to mine / to open a seam
 kāi jìn to lift a ban / to lift a curfew
 kāi bá to set out (of troops) / departure / start date (of military expedition)
 kāi liè to make (a list) / to list
线 kāi xiàn to come unsewn / to split at the seam
 kāi bāo to deflower
 kāi guō (of a pot) to boil
 kāi hūn to resume a meat diet / to eat meat again after a period of fasting / fig. novel experience
 kāi yán to smile / to beam
 kāi hé to open a river / to dig a canal / to thaw (of river)
 kāi shì to release (a prisoner)
 kāi zhāi to stop following a vegetarian diet / to break a fast
 kāi zhàng to start a war / to open hostilities
 kāi bài to wither and fall
 kāi bǐ to start learning as a poet / to write one's first (poem, essay etc)
 kāi bù to open up a port for trade / to open treaty ports
 kāi bù to step forward / to walk
 kāi chà slit (in clothing)
 kāi chǎng wide open
 kāi chàng happy and carefree
 kāi chéng to be honest / to show sincerity
 kāi chū at the outset / at first / early
 kāi dì to clear land (for cultivation) / to open up land
 kāi diào to hold memorial service / to hold a funeral
 kāi dòng to thaw / to melt
 Kāi fú Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市[Chang2 sha1 shi4], Hunan
 kāi fú to start the servers (for an online game, typically after the system has been shut down for maintenance, upgrade etc)
 kāi gǎn to tee off (golf) / to break (snooker)
 kāi gé to fire / to discharge
 kāi guà to cheat in an online game (abbr. for 開外掛|开外挂[kai1 wai4 gua4]) / (coll.) unbelievably good
 kāi hú pot of boiling water
 kāi huǒ to start providing food / to open today's service in a canteen
 kāi jí open set (math.)
 kāi jì to clear up (of weather)
 Kāi jiāng Kaijiang county in Dazhou 達州|达州[Da2 zhou1], Sichuan
 kāi jiāng to pioneer a frontier area / to open up new territory
 kāi jiāo (used with negative) to conclude / (impossible) to end / (can't) finish
 kāi jiāo to come unglued / to come apart
 kāi jiè to end abstinence / to resume (drinking) after a break / to break (a taboo)
 kāi jiě to straighten out / to explain / to ease sb's anxiety
 kāi jīn buttoned Chinese tunic / unbuttoned (to cool down)
 kāi jīn carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)
 kāi kuàng open and vast
 kāi lì to create a precedent
 dǎ kāi to open / to show (a ticket) / to turn on / to switch on
 lí kāi to depart / to leave
 gōng kāi public / to publish / to make public
 zhào kāi to convene (a conference or meeting) / to convoke / to call together
 zhǎn kāi to unfold / to carry out / to be in full swing / to launch
 fēn kāi to separate / to part
 lā kāi to pull open / to pull apart / to space out / to increase
 fàng kāi to let go / to release
 tuī kāi to push open (a gate etc) / to push away / to reject / to decline
 zhēng kāi to open (one's eyes)
 bì kāi to avoid / to evade / to keep away from
 jiē kāi to uncover / to open
 huā kāi bloom
 jiě kāi to untie / to undo / to solve (a mystery)
 zhāng kāi to open up / to spread / to extend
 sōng kāi to release / to let go / to loosen / to untie / to come loose
 shèng kāi blooming / in full flower
 chǎng kāi to open wide / unrestrictedly
 zǒu kāi to leave / to walk away / to beat it / to move aside
 Nán kāi Nankai district of Tianjin municipality 天津市[Tian1 jin1 shi4]
 fān kāi to open up
 pāo kāi to throw out / to get rid of
 duǒ kāi to stay out of (hot water, trouble, awkward situation etc) / to avoid (sb)
 dà kāi to open wide
 xiān kāi to lift open / to tear open
 sàn kāi to separate / to disperse
 yí kāi to move away
 chāi kāi to dismantle / to disassemble / to open up (sth sealed) / to unpick
 shuǎi kāi to shake off / to get rid of
 bō kāi to push aside / to part / to brush away
 tān kāi to spread out / to unfold
 duàn kāi to break / to sever / to turn off (electric switch)
 gé kāi to separate
 ràng kāi to get out of the way / to step aside
 liè kāi to split open
 shǎn kāi to get out of the way
 piē kāi to disregard / to leave aside
 zài kāi to reopen / to start again
 chuán kāi (of news) to spread / to get around
 zhàn kāi to burst forth
 gǔn kāi to boil (of liquid) / boiling hot / Get out! / Go away! / fuck off (rude)
 chóng kāi to reopen
 shāo kāi to boil
 pī kāi to cleave / to split open / to spread open (fingers, legs)
 duì kāi running in opposite direction (buses, trains, ferries etc)
 chà kāi to diverge / to branch off the road / to change (the subject)
 qiào kāi to pry open / to lever open
 qiāo kāi to get sth open by tapping or striking it / (figuratively, when followed by sth like ∼的大門|∼的大门) to open the door to ~ / to gain access to ~
 cuò kāi to stagger (times)
 bāi kāi to pull apart / to pry open with the hands
 nuó kāi to move (sth) away
 shēn kāi to stretch out
 shuāng kāi to strip sb of their Party membership and government job (開除黨籍,開除公職|开除党籍,开除公职)
 diū kāi to cast or put aside / to forget for a while
 bā kāi to pry open or apart / to spread (sth) open with both hands
 kàn kāi to come to accept an unpleasant fact / to get over sth / to cheer up
 dòng kāi to be wide open
 nǐng kāi to unscrew / to twist off (a lid) / to turn on (a faucet) / to switch on (by turning a knob) / to turn (a door handle) / to wrench apart
 liāo kai to push aside (clothing, curtain etc) to reveal something / to toss aside
 tuō kāi to withdraw
 chú kāi besides / except / to get rid of (sb) / (math.) to divide
 wā kāi to dig into / to cut a mine into
 xiǎo kāi (dialect) boss's son / rich man's son / young master
 bā kāi octavo
 jù kāi to saw
 bò kāi to break open
 dào kāi to reverse a vehicle / to drive backwards
 Fēng kāi Fengkai county in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆[Zhao4 qing4], Guangdong
 huà kāi to spread out after being diluted or melted / to dissolve into a liquid
 jiàn kāi splash
 lìng kāi to break up / to divide property and live apart / to start on a new (path)
 pò kāi to split / to cut open
 qǐ kai (dialect) to step aside / Get out of the way!
 shū kāi to disperse
 xiǎng kāi to get over (a shock, bereavement etc) / to avoid dwelling on unpleasant things / to accept the situation and move on
 zhī kāi to send (sb) away / to change the subject / to open (an umbrella etc)
 zhǔ kāi to boil (food)
 lí bu kāi inseparable / inevitably linked to
 gōng kāi sài championship
 bái kāi shuǐ plain boiled water
 gōng kāi xìn open letter
 Lǐ Kāi fù Kai-Fu Lee (1961-), Taiwanese computer scientist and IT executive, founding president of Google China 2005-2009
 xiǎng bu kāi cannot figure out / to be unable to take a lighter view / to take things too hard / to be depressed / to fret over trifles
 gōng kāi huà to publicize / openness (of government, PRC equivalent of 'glasnost')
 gōng kāi xìng openness
 xún kāi xīn to make fun of / to seek diversion
 chī de kāi to be popular / to be getting on well / much in demand
 xiǎng de kāi to not take to heart / to be free of worried thoughts / to adopt a lighthearted perspective / lighthearted
 Yáng Kāi huì Yang Kaihui (1901-1930), Mao Zedong's second wife
 sān qī kāi ratio seventy to thirty / thirty percent failure, seventy percent success
 chī bu kāi be unpopular / won't work
  line begins
  point of exit / port of exit
 bàn gōng kāi semi-overt / more or less open
 bàn kāi huà semi-civilized
 bàn kāi mén half-open door / fig. prostitute
 bǐ sī kāi Bizkaia or Vizcaya, Spain
 bù kāi qiào unable to understand / can't get the point
 chǎng kāi r unrestrictedly
 Dà kāi zhāi see 開齋節|开斋节[Kai1 zhai1 jie2]
 Fēng kāi xiàn Fengkai county in Zhaoqing 肇慶|肇庆[Zhao4 qing4], Guangdong
 lè kāi huā to burst with joy
 mò bù kāi to feel embarrassed
 mó de kāi unembarrassed / without fear of impairing personal relation
 Nán kāi qū Hebei district of Tianjin municipality 天津市[Tian1 jin1 shi4]
 ruò kāi bāng Rakhine State
 yì kāi guàn (Tw) pull-top can / easy-open can (with ring-pull)
 zhái bu kāi impossible to separate / impossible to disentangle / cannot take time out
 zhǎn kāi tú expansion plan / development graph
 zǒng kāi guān main switch
 gǎi gé kāi fàng to reform and open to the outside world / refers to Deng Xiaoping's policies from around 1980
  product development
 Nán kāi Dà xué Nankai University (Tianjin)
 zhào kāi huì yì to call a conference / to convene a meeting
 huò rán kāi lǎng suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom) / to come to a wide clearing / fig. everything becomes clear at once / to achieve speedy enlightenment
 bù kě kāi jiāo to be awfully (busy etc)
 yì xiǎng tiān kāi to imagine the wildest thing / to indulge in fantasy
 méi kāi yǎn xiào brows raised in delight, eyes laughing (idiom) / beaming with joy / all smiles
 bié kāi shēng miàn to start sth new or original (idiom) / to break a new path / to break fresh ground
 biàn dì kāi huā to blossom everywhere / to spring up all over the place / to flourish on a large scale
 jì wǎng kāi lái to follow the past and herald the future (idiom) / part of a historical transition / forming a bridge between earlier and later stages
 xìn kǒu kāi hé to speak without thinking (idiom) / to blurt sth out
 xiào zhú yán kāi smile spread across the face (idiom) / beaming with pleasure / all smiles / joy written across one's face
 wǎng kāi yī miàn open the net on one side (idiom) / let the caged bird fly / to give one's opponent a way out / lenient treatment
 xǐ xiào yán kāi grinning from ear to ear (idiom) / beaming with happiness
 máo sè dùn kāi murky darkness suddenly opens (idiom) / a sudden flash of insight and all is clear
 zuǒ yòu kāi gōng lit. to shoot from both sides (idiom) / fig. to display ambidexterity / to slap with one hand and then the other, in quick succession / to use both feet equally (football)
 qí kāi dé shèng lit. to win a victory on raising the flag (idiom) / fig. to start on sth and have immediate success / success in a single move
 pí kāi ròu zhàn flesh lacerated from corporal punishment (idiom)
 tiě shù kāi huā lit. the iron tree blooms (idiom) / a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence
 míng luó kāi dào to beat the gong to clear the way / (fig.) to pave the way for sth
 bàn kāi mén r erhua variant of 半開門|半开门[ban4 kai1 men2]
广 guǎng kāi yán lù to encourage the free airing of views (idiom)
 jiàn qián yǎn kāi to open one's eyes wide at the sight of profit (idiom) / thinking of nothing but personal gain / money-grubbing
 miǎn kāi zūn kǒu keep your thoughts to yourself
 qíng dòu chū kāi first awakening of love (usually of a girl) (idiom)
 shù shàng kāi huā to deck the tree with false blossoms / to make something of no value appear valuable (idiom)
 wǎng kāi sān miàn to leave the net open on three sides (idiom) / let the caged bird fly / to give one's opponent a way out / lenient treatment
 xìn kǒu kāi hé variant of 信口開河|信口开河[xin4 kou3 kai1 he2]
  greenfield site
  World development
  open meeting
  open cast mining
  opening of an ocean
  private practice
  diamond mining
  sulphide recovery / sulphide mining
  crust mining
  open debate
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