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 tū rán sudden / abrupt / unexpected
 měng ferocious / fierce / violent / brave / suddenly / abrupt / (slang) awesome
 zhòu sudden / unexpected / abrupt / suddenly / Taiwan pr. [zou4]
 cù abrupt / sudden / unexpected
 cōng cù hurried / hasty / abrupt
 cù fā abrupt / suddenly
 tū wù lofty or towering / sudden or abrupt
 yáo shēn lit. to shake one's body / refers to abrupt transformation / same as 搖身一變|摇身一变
 zhòu biàn abrupt change / sudden discontinuity
 jí zhuǎn zhí xià to develop rapidly after abrupt turn (idiom) / dramatic change
 chuàn to string together / to skewer / to connect wrongly / to gang up / to rove / string / bunch / skewer / classifier for things that are strung together, or in a bunch, or in a row: string of, bunch of, series of / to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a bead on an abacus) / to move across
 shù alternate form of 倏 / sudden / abrupt
 tū rán qì hòu biàn huà abrupt climate change
 yī yǔ chéng qiū a sudden shower towards the end of summer brings an abrupt arrival of autumn (idiom)
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