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 tū rán sudden / abrupt / unexpected
 jí jù rapid / sudden
 mò rán suddenly / sudden
 jí jù rapid / sudden
 tū to dash / to move forward quickly / to bulge / to protrude / to break through / to rush out / sudden / Taiwan pr. [tu2]
 bào sudden / violent / cruel / to show or expose / to injure
 zhòu sudden / unexpected / abrupt / suddenly / Taiwan pr. [zou4]
 cù abrupt / sudden / unexpected
 sā rán sudden
 yī xià (used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
 hū rán suddenly / all of a sudden
 yī xià zi in a short while / all at once / all of a sudden
 tū fā to burst out suddenly / sudden outburst
 bào lì sudden huge profits
 tū jī sudden and violent attack / assault / fig. rushed job / concentrated effort to finish a job quickly
 tū biàn sudden change / mutation
 tū fā shì jiàn emergency / sudden occurrence
 Huī gū niang Cinderella / a sudden rags-to-riches celebrity
 tū wù lofty or towering / sudden or abrupt
 cāng cù all of a sudden / hurriedly
 jí zhuǎn wān to make a sudden turn
 cù sǐ sudden death (in medicine, sporting competitions etc)
 xīn xuè lái cháo to be prompted by a sudden impulse / carried away by a whim / to have a brainstorm
 jīng léi sudden clap of thunder / fig. surprising turn of events
 jiàn bù sudden big stride forward
 bù yì ér fēi to disappear without trace / to vanish all of a sudden / to spread fast / to spread like wildfire
 měng lì with all one's might / with sudden force / violently / to slam
 yī luò qiān zhàng lit. to drop a thousand zhang in one fall (idiom) / fig. (of business, popularity etc) to suffer a sudden, devastating decline / to take a dive
 hé zhe (dialect) (implying sudden realization) so / after all
 sān cháng liǎng duǎn unexpected misfortune / unexpected accident / sudden death
 zhòu biàn abrupt change / sudden discontinuity
 líng jī sudden inspiration / bright idea / clever trick
 máo sè dùn kāi murky darkness suddenly opens (idiom) / a sudden flash of insight and all is clear
 mèn léi muffled thunder / (fig.) sudden shock / blow
 huí mǎ qiāng sudden thrust (that catches the opponent off guard)
 pēng rán with a sudden shock, bang etc
 jù rán (literary) all of a sudden
 fēi lái hèng huò sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
 mǎ shī qián tí lit. the horse loses its front hooves / fig. sudden failure through miscalculation or inattentiveness
 bào bìng sudden attack of a serious illness
 gǔ thigh / part of a whole / portion of a sum / (stock) share / strand of a thread / low-level administrative unit, translated as "section" or "department" etc, ranked below 科[ke1] / classifier for long winding things like ropes, rivers etc / classifier for smoke, smells etc: thread, puff, whiff / classifier for bands of people, gangs etc / classifier for sudden forceful actions
 bào zú die of sudden illness / die suddenly
 wo (particle) marker of surprise, sudden realization, reminder
 shà all of a sudden / drizzle
 jué dì ér qǐ lit. arising suddenly above the level ground (idiom) / sudden emergence of prominent new feature
 bào hóng a sudden, violent flood / flash flood
 jué to fear / to be in awe / sudden glance
 shù alternate form of 倏 / sudden / abrupt
 yī shǎn niàn sudden idea / flash of insight
 gā rán (onom.) screech of a sudden stop / suddenly stop (of sounds) / crisply and clearly (of sounds)
 qí huò unexpected calamity / sudden disaster
 yīng ér cù sǐ zōng hé zhèng sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) / crib death
 fān rán gǎi tú to change one's plan all of a sudden (idiom)
 jí xí sudden attack
 huǎng rán xǐng wù a sudden realization / to realize sth in a flash
 xiāng xiàng tū jī sudden attack from the opposite direction (idiom)
 tū jī jiǎn chá sudden unannounced investigation / on-the-spot inspection / to search without notification
 xìng huì sudden inspiration / flash of insight / brainwave
 zhà shī sudden movement of a corpse (superstition) / fig. sudden torrent of abuse
 nà dào shi Oh that's true! (interjection of sudden realization)
 shǎn niàn sudden idea / flash of thought
 zhòu sǐ sudden death (play-off in sporting competition)
 zhòu sǐ shì sudden death style play-off (sporting competition)
  sudden emergency
  sudden infant death syndrome
  sudden natural disasters
  sudden ionosphere disturbance
 yī yǔ chéng qiū a sudden shower towards the end of summer brings an abrupt arrival of autumn (idiom)
 bào rè to trend / to get popular quickly / sudden heat wave (weather)
 nù qì gōng xīn (TCM) sudden strong emotions attacking the heart, leading to faints etc / (fig.) to fly into a fit of anger
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