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 shēng qì to get angry / to take offense / angry / vitality / liveliness
 fèn nù angry / indignant / wrath / ire
 dà nù angry / indignant
 nǎo nù resentful / angry / to enrage sb
 fèn rán (literary) angry / irate
 xìng xìng angry / resentful
 jī fèn to stir up emotions / furious / angry / anger
 xìng angry
 fú angry
 chù (person) / angry
 huǒ r fire / fury / angry
 juān angry / sad
 shì majestic manner / red / angry
 qí angry
 biāo xiū angry / wrathful
 fú rán angry / enraged / Taiwan pr. [fei4 ran2]
 lěng xiào to sneer / to laugh grimly / grin of dissatisfaction (bitterness, helplessness, indignation etc) / bitter, grim, sarcastic or angry smile
 biàn sè to change color / to discolor / to change countenance / to become angry
 qǐ huǒ to catch fire / to cook / to get angry
 fā huǒ to catch fire / to ignite / to detonate / to get angry
 fā pí qì to get angry
 nǎo huǒ to get angry / irritated / to annoy / to aggravate / annoying
 fā nù to get angry
 shàng huǒ to get angry / to suffer from excessive internal heat (TCM)
 kǒu jué altercation / wrangle / angry argument
 qì nǎo to be annoyed / to get angry
 fèn fèn extremely angry
 biàn shēng voice change (at puberty) / to alter one's voice (deliberately) / to sound different (when angry etc)
 nù shì to glower (at sb) / to cast an angry look
 huǒ mào sān zhàng to get really angry
 dòng nù to get angry
 mào huǒ to get angry / to burn with rage
 nù róng angry look
 qì huà angry words / sth said in the moment of anger
 dòng qì to get angry
 nù sè angry look / glare / scowl
 nǎo hèn to hate and resent / angry and full of grievances
 yùn nù inwardly angry / indignant / sulking / sullen
 qì gas / air / smell / weather / to make angry / to annoy / to get angry / vital energy / qi
 chuī hú zi dèng yǎn to get angry / to fume
 nào pí qi to get angry
 gǎn nù ér bù gǎn yán angry, but not daring to speak out (idiom) / obliged to remain silent about one's resentment / unable to voice objections
 nǎo to get angry
 chēn to be angry at / to be displeased and annoyed
 qì chōng niú dǒu extremely angry / infuriated
 diē jiǎo chuí xiōng lit. stamping and beating the chest (idiom) / fig. angry or stressed about sth
 jí yǎn to be anxious / to get angry with sb
 nòu angry dog
 fèn qīng angry youth / positive term used to describe young Chinese with extreme nationalistic tendencies / see also 糞青|粪青[fen4 qing1]
 lái huǒ to get angry
 lái huǒ r to get angry
 dòng gān huǒ to get angry
 chēn nù to get angry
 chēn mù glare / angry look / to open one's eyes wide / to stare angrily / to glare / to glower
 chēn sè angry or sullen look
 yǒng to be angry / to like / variant of 湧|涌[yong3]
 liáo shì shēng fēi to stir up trouble / to provoke angry exchange
 qì bù píng angry at unfairness
 qì bu guò so angry it's unbearable / bitter about unbearable grievances
 huǒ dà to get mad / to be very angry
 jí shǒu extremely angry / infuriated / enraged / headache caused by anger
 fā qì to get angry
 liǎn hóng bó zi cū red in the face / extremely angry
 jì nù to suddenly become extremely angry
 zhì qì to get angry
 hōng angry appearance (archaic)
 yú nù wèi xī to be still angry
 rén bǐ rén , qì sǐ rén constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry (proverb)
 xiū nǎo resentful / humiliated and angry
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