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 tiān qì weather
 fēng yún weather / unstable situation
 tiān sè color of the sky / time of day, as indicated by the color of the sky / weather
 tiān dào natural law / heavenly law / weather (dialect)
 fēng huà decency / public morals / to weather (rocks) / wind erosion
 qì gas / air / smell / weather / to make angry / to annoy / to get angry / vital energy / qi
 shǔ rè hot (summer) weather
 tiān hòu weather
 tiān r the weather
 tiān qì tú weather
 qì variant of 氣|气[qi4], breath / air / steam / gas / weather / used in Taoist charms
 tiān qì yù bào weather forecast
 yǔ tiān rainy day / rainy weather
 tiān shí the time / the right time / weather conditions / destiny / course of time / heaven's natural order
 kàng hàn drought-resistant / to weather a drought
 qì xiàng jú weather bureau / meteorological office
 qì xiàng tái meteorological office / weather forecasting office
 hán xuān to exchange conventional greetings / to talk about the weather
 fēng hán wind chill / cold weather / common cold (medicine)
 kù shǔ intense heat / extremely hot weather
 tiān lěng cold weather
 fēng xiàng biāo vane / propellor blade / weather vane / windsock
 gān zào to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc) / desiccation / dull / uninteresting / arid
 fēng yǔ wú zǔ regardless of weather conditions / rain, hail or shine
 fēng hé rì lì moderate wind, beautiful sun (idiom) / fine sunny weather, esp. in springtime
 xuě zhōng sòng tàn lit. to send charcoal in snowy weather (idiom) / fig. to provide help in sb's hour of need
 qiū gāo qì shuǎng clear and refreshing autumn weather
 tiān hán dì dòng cold weather, frozen ground (idiom) / bitterly cold
 biàn tiān to undergo change in weather / restoration of reactionary rule or the previous regime
 fēng tiáo yǔ shùn favorable weather (idiom) / good weather for crops
 qíng yǔ all weather / rain or shine / barometer
 qíng hǎo bright and sunny weather
 qì xiàng zhàn weather station
 xià lìng summer / summer weather
 shuāng tiān freezing weather / frosty sky
 qì xiàng wèi xīng weather satellite
 tiān gōng bù zuò měi the weather is not cooperating (idiom) / bad weather
  Automatic Weather Station
 shǔ heat / hot weather / summer heat
 tiān yǒu bù cè fēng yún fortune as unpredictable as the weather (idiom) / sth unexpected may happen at any moment
 mù yǔ zhì fēng to work unceasingly regardless of the weather (idiom)
 Shǔ quǎn fèi rì lit. Sichuan dogs bark at the sun (idiom) / fig. a simpleton will marvel at even the most common things / alludes to the Sichuan foggy weather where it's uncommon to see a sunny day
 zhì fēng mù yǔ lit. to comb one's hair in the wind and wash it in the rain (idiom) / fig. to work in the open regardless of the weather
 lěng tiān cold weather / cold season
 qiū lìng autumn / autumn weather
𬉼 ōu severe drought / exceptionally hot weather
 tiān yǒu bù cè fēng yún , rén yǒu dàn xī huò fú fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom) / sth unexpected may happen at any moment
 tiān yǔ shùn yán weather permitting (idiom)
 fēng yán bǎn barge board / weather board / eaves board (construction)
 zhǎn qíng clear weather
 chūn lìng spring / springtime / spring weather
 yuè lìng typical weather in a given season
 chóu species of tree resistant to cold weather
 qì xiàng guān cè zhàn weather station
 zhì kù torrid weather
 zhà qíng to clear up (of weather after rain)
 duǎn qī tiān qì yù bào short-range weather prediction
 jí duān qì hòu shì jiàn extreme weather event
  ground weather radar station
  Training Workshop on Significant Weather Phenomena Prediction
  World Weather Watch Programme
  medium-range weather prediction
 rén gōng yǐng xiǎng tiān qì weather modification
 zhǎng qī tiān qì yù bào long-range weather forecasting
 yuàn qī tiān qì yù bào gōng zuò long-range weather forecasting
  European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
 tiān qì mú shì weather pattern
  Panel on Weather and Climate
  Regional Symposium on Local Weather Systems in the Red Sea Area
 tiān qì yǎn shēng pǐn weather derivative
  Antarctic Weather Control
 tiān qì shì jiàn weather event
 tiān qì yǎn biàn weather development
  dry weather condition
  monitor the weather
 shì jiè tiān qì yán jiū fāng àn World Weather Research Programme
  weather facsimile
 quán qiú tiān qì shì yàn Global Weather Experiment
  space weather
  International Space Weather Initiative
  weather control
  World Weather Watch
  adverse weather capability
  fixed ocean weather station
  ocean weather station
  Panel of Experts on Weather Modification
  Long-term Plan for the World Weather Watch
  weather services
  Training Seminar on the Integrated World Weather Watch System
  World Weather Watch Implementation Coordination
  Operational World Weather Watch System Evaluation
  Programme on Short- and Medium-range Weather Prediction Research
  Weather Prediction Research programme
 hán tiān chilly weather / (loanword from Japanese) agar-agar
 ōu severe drought / exceptionally hot weather
 jiàng wēn fèi extra pay for hot weather
 guǐ tiān qì awful weather
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