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 gān hàn drought / arid / dry
 gān zào to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc) / desiccation / dull / uninteresting / arid
 shài (of the sun) to shine on / to bask in (the sunshine) / to dry (clothes, grain etc) in the sun / (fig.) to expose and share (one's experiences and thoughts) on the Web (loanword from "share") / (coll.) to give the cold shoulder to
 suǒ rán dull / dry
 gān bā bā dry / parched / dull / insipid
 zào dry / parched / impatient
 hé to dry / to dry up
 dí dry / scorched
 hàn dry / hot
 kǎo dry
 gù dried up / dry / exhausted / tired
 wěi suō to wither / to dry up (of a plant) / to atrophy (of muscle, social custom etc)
 lù dì dry land (as opposed to the sea)
 kū zào dry and dull / uninteresting / dry-as-dust
 tuō shuǐ to dry out / to extract water / dehydration / dehydrated / desiccation
 hōng gān to dry over a stove
 cā gān to wipe dry
 shài tài yáng to be in the sun (getting warm or sunbathing etc) / to put sth in the sun (e.g. to dry it)
 gān hé to dry up
 gān xǐ to dry clean / dry cleaning
 gān bēi to drink a toast / Cheers! (proposing a toast) / Here's to you! / Bottoms up! / lit. dry cup
 gān sè dry and rough (skin) / hoarse (voice) / dry and heavy (style)
 shài gān to dry in the sun
 sōu guā to rake in (money) / to plunder / to milk people dry
 liàng gān to dry by the sun
 gān liè (of dry soil, skin etc) to crack / to chap
 hǎi kū shí làn lit. when the seas run dry and the stones go soft (idiom) / fig. forever / until the end of time
 gān fěn dry powder
 duàn liú to run dry (of river)
 gān guǒ dried fruit / dry fruits (nuts etc)
 kū cǎo withered grass / dry grass
 tàn huà to carbonize / dry distillation / carbonization
 gān kě parched / dry mouth
 gě 100 ml / one-tenth of a peck / measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth of sheng 升 / or liter, or one-hundredth dou 斗
 rè gān miàn hot dry noodles
 sì yǎng chǎng farm / feed lot / dry lot
 gān bīng dry ice (i.e. frozen CO2) / CL:塊|块[kuai4]
 yīn gān to dry in the shade
 jìn jiǔ prohibition / ban on alcohol / dry law
 gān yǎn zhèng dry eye / xerophthalmia (drying of the tear glands, often due to lack of vitamin A)
 dàn dry measure for grain equal to ten dou 斗 / ten pecks / one hundred liters
 dǒu dry measure for grain equal to ten 升[sheng1] or one-tenth of a 石[dan4] / decaliter / peck / cup or dipper shaped object / old variant of 陡[dou3]
 bāo to sauté / to fry / to dry by heating
 Bái hè liáng White Crane Ridge at Fuling, Sichuan on the Changjiang River, that used to show above the water at dry periods, with famous carvings
 kàng kang (a heatable brick bed) / to bake / to dry by the heat of a fire
 liàng to dry in the air / (fig.) to cold-shoulder
 bèi to dry over a fire / to bake
 tǒng variant of 桶[tong3], bucket / (classifier) cubic dry measure (5 pecks 五斗, approx half-liter)
 huáng dry moat / god of city
 hú ancient measuring vessel / fifty liters / dry measure for grain equal to five dou 五斗 / (before Tang, ten pecks)
 hóu dry provisions
 sī drain dry / to exhaust
 qiǔ dry rations (for a journey) / (dialect) (of noodles etc) to become mush (from overcooking) / (coll.) embarrassing / embarrassment
 hóu dry provisions
 gé dry clay lump
 kǎi dry terrain
 tuò miàn zì gān to be spat on in the face and let it dry by itself, not wiping it off (idiom) / to turn the other cheek / to drain the cup of humiliation
 liè huǒ gān chái lit. intense fire to dry wood (idiom) / inferno in a woodpile / fig. consuming passion between lovers
 gēng lí hán qiǔ nothing but herb soup and dry provisions to eat (idiom) / to survive on a coarse diet / à / la guerre comme à / la guerre
 gēng lí hān qiǔ nothing but herb soup and dry provisions to eat (idiom) / to survive on a coarse diet / à / la guerre comme à / la guerre
 fàn qiǔ rú cǎo lit. to live on dry provisions and wild herbs (idiom) / fig. to live in abject poverty
 gān shuǎng dry and clean / clear and fresh
 hàn to dry with fire
 juàn a bag which holds 30 pecks (i.e. approx 3 kg dry measure)
 xī dawn / to dry in the sun
 hóng to bake, to roast / to dry at a fire
 huáng a dry moat outside a city wall / a dry ditch
 xuān light of the sun / to dry in the sun
 yǔ stack of grain / dry measure equivalent to 16 斗[dou3] or 160 liters
 gān tòu to dry out / to dry completely
 gān liú to carbonize / dry distillation / carbonization
 shēng dǒu liter and decaliter dry measure / (fig.) meager quantity of foodstuff
 kǒu gān shé zào lit. dry mouth and tongue (idiom) / to talk too much
 tān shài to lay sth out to dry
 liú gān to drain / to run dry
 bèi gān to dry over a fire / to roast
 bèi jiān to dry and roast over a low fire (tea, chestnuts, seaweed etc) / to torrefy
 tián used in Japanese names with phonetic value hatake, bata etc / dry field (i.e. not paddy field)
 yǎn gān zhèng xeropthalmia (medicine) / dry eye syndrome
 gǎo variant of 槁 / dry / rotten (wood)
  dry well
  International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas
  Dry Forest Asia Initiative
  dry-pit latrine / dry pit
.过  dry ceramic filtration
  dry grassland community
  dry forest
  dry run
  dry incubator
  Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands
  dry deposition
  Group of Experts on the Transport of Dry Bulk Cargoes
  International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
  dry port / inland dry port
湿  Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on the Biodiversity of Dry and Sub-humid Lands
  dry chemistry biochemical analyser
  dry weather condition
  Meeting of Experts on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce (Fruit)
  dry process
  dry mass
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