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 dòng wù animal / CL:隻|只[zhi1],群[qun2],個|个[ge4]
 zǒu shòu (four-footed) animal / beast
 shòu beast / animal / beastly / bestial
 biàn wēn dòng wù poikilothermal (cold-blooded) animal
 dòng wù héng tǐng Animal
线 dòng wù jiě fàng zhèn xiàn Animal
 jiā huo household dish, implement or furniture / domestic animal / (coll.) guy / chap / weapon
 yě shòu beast / wild animal
 yǎng shēng to maintain good health / to raise a child or animal / curing (of concrete etc)
 shēng xiào one of the twelve animals symbolic of the earthly branches 地支[di4 zhi1] / animal from the Chinese zodiac
 guài shòu rare animal / mythical animal / monster
 cán jí disabled / handicapped / deformity on a person or animal
 yě shēng dòng wù wild animal
 qiān tóu to lead (an animal by the head) / to take the lead / to coordinate (a combined operation) / to mediate / a go-between (e.g. marriage broker)
 xù mù yè animal husbandry / stock raising / livestock raising
 chù sheng domestic animal / brute / bastard
 cuī qíng to promote estrus / to bring an animal to heat by artificial means
 shén shòu mythological animal
 wèi yǎng to feed (a child, domestic animal etc) / to keep / to raise (an animal)
 wán ǒu toy figurine / action figure / stuffed animal / doll / (fig.) sb's plaything
 měng shòu ferocious beast / fierce animal
 mù yè livestock husbandry / animal product industry
 tāo tiè ferocious mythological animal, the fifth son of the dragon king / zoomorphic mask motif, found on Shang and Zhou ritual bronzes / gluttonous / sumptuous (banquet)
 jiā chù domestic animal / livestock / cattle
 jù shòu giant creature / huge animal
 xù chǎn pǐn domesticated animal products
 bǔ shā to hunt and kill (an animal or fish)
 dòu nòng to tease / to provoke / to play with (a child, animal etc)
 rèn yǎng to sponsor / to adopt (pledge to give sb or sth one's special attention or support) / to adopt (choose to raise a child or animal as one's own)
 bì xié to ward off evil spirits / mythical lion-like animal that wards off evil (also called 貔貅[pi2 xiu1])
 shòu pí animal skin / hide
 sī yǎo to tear at (with the teeth, like one animal attacking another)
 bǎi shòu all creatures / every kind of animal
 lěng xuè dòng wù cold-blooded animal / fig. cold-hearted person
 pí xiū mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion's body, often with hoofs, wings and tail / also written 辟邪 / fig. valiant soldier
 luó mǎ pack animal / horse and mule
 jiào chūn to caterwaul / to call like an animal in heat
 jiǎ gǔ tortoise shell and animal bones used in divination / oracle bone inscriptions (an early form of Chinese script)
 láo yì forced labor / corvée (labor required of a serf) / animal labor
 dòng wù jiè animal kingdom
 zhǒng chù breeding stock (of animal species) / stud
 yī guān qín shòu lit. dressed up animal (idiom) / fig. immoral and despicable person
 dòng wù yóu animal fat
 chù lì animal power / animal-drawn (plow etc)
 xiàn kēng pitfall / pit as animal trap
 gé animal hide / leather / to reform / to remove / to expel (from office)
 kùn shòu yóu dòu a cornered beast will still fight (idiom) / to fight like an animal at bay
 kǒu qì mouthparts (of animal or insect)
 bǔ cí oracle inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century BC) on tortoiseshells or animal bones
 shí to eat / food / animal feed / eclipse
使 shǐ yì to use (an animal or servant) / working (animal) / (beast) of burden / causative form of verbs (esp. in grammar of Japanese, Korean etc)
 jiǎo foot / leg (of an animal or an object) / base (of an object) / CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1] / classifier for kicks
 dòng wù xìng sì liào feed made of animal products
 chóng lower form of animal life, including insects, insect larvae, worms and similar creatures / CL:條|条[tiao2],隻|只[zhi1] / person with a particular undesirable characteristic
 shēng domestic animal / sacrificial animal
 qiān to lead along / to pull (an animal on a tether) / (bound form) to involve / to draw in
 chù livestock / domesticated animal / domestic animal
 hǒu to roar / to howl / to shriek / roar or howl of an animal / bellow of rage
 biān whip or lash / to flog / to whip / conductor's baton / segmented iron weapon (old) / penis (of animal, served as food)
 zhǎo foot of a bird or animal / paw / claws / talons
 zhuǎ (coll.) foot of an animal or bird / (coll.) foot supporting a cooking pot etc
 mǔ (of a bird, animal or plant) male / key / hills
 fáng animal fat
 jiàn banister / balustrade / cage for animal or prisoner / to transport caged prisoner on a cart
 duò load carried by a pack animal
 jié to confiscate / legendary dog-like animal (old)
 zǎi child / young animal
 chái dog-like animal / ravenous beast / dhole (Cuon Alpinus) / jackal
 pìn (of a bird, animal or plant) female / keyhole / valley
 tuǎn village / animal track
 jìng a mythical animal that eats its mother
 kāo coccyx / tailbone at end of spine / rear joint of meat animal
 pí see 貔貅[pi2 xiu1], composite mythical animal (originally 貔 / was the male)
 hùn privy / animal pen / muddy / disordered / to disturb
 xiū see 貔貅[pi2 xiu1], composite mythical animal (originally 貅 / was the female)
 fán paws of animal
 chá Badger-like wild animal
 qū flank of animal / side / to pry open / to steal
 sī amphibious animal with one horn
 nào biceps (in Chinese medicine) / (arch.) forelimbs of livestock animal
 cuì crisp / brittle / fine animal hair
 yōu female deer / doe / female animal
 zì rotten meat / bones of dead animal
 dī děng dòng wù lower animal / primitive life-form
 yòu tǐ the young (unborn or newborn) of an animal / larva
 Aò wēi ěr Orwell (name) / George Orwell (1903-1950), British novelist, author of Animal Farm 動物農場|动物农场 / and 1984 一九八四年
 zhì worm-like invertebrate / mythical animal (see 獬豸[xie4 zhi4]) / radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 153)
 mù xù raising livestock / animal husbandry
 chù féi animal manure
 chù lèi domestic animal
 gēng chù draft animal
 hǒu roar or howl of an animal / bellow of rage
 lán quān pen / animal yard
 méi meat on the back of an animal
 shòu xué animal den
 tè male animal
 zǐ chù newborn animal
 lín mythical animal, said to have yellow body and white tail
 mín animal trap
 yī lèi bǎo hù dòng wù class A protected animal
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