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 jié zòu rhythm / tempo / musical pulse / cadence / beat
 pāi to pat / to clap / to slap / to swat / to take (a photo) / to shoot (a film) / racket (sports) / beat (music)
 biǎn flat / (coll.) to beat (sb) up / old variant of 匾[bian3]
 yíng to beat / to win / to profit
 jī bài to defeat / to beat
 dǎ bài to defeat / to overpower / to beat / to be defeated
 qiāo dǎ to beat sb / to beat (a drum)
 jié pāi beat (music) / meter
 jī dǎ to beat / to lash
 dǎ sàn to scatter / to break sth up / to beat (an egg)
 pāi zi beat (music) / paddle-shaped object (flyswatter etc) / racket (sports)
 chuí dǎ to beat / to pound / to thump
 pāi jī to smack / to beat
 dǎ to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
 kēi to scold / to beat
 shèng victory / success / to beat / to defeat / to surpass / victorious / superior to / to get the better of / better than / surpassing / superb (of vista) / beautiful (scenery) / wonderful (view) / (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear / equal to (a task)
 bó to fight / to combat / to seize / (of heart) to beat
 dǎo pound / beat / hull / attack / disturb / stir
 kǎo to beat / to flog / to examine under torture
 léi beat / to grind
 lèi to beat (a drum)
 zhuā beat
 chōng to pound (grain) / beat
 jǐng qū policeman's round / patrol / beat
 chì beat / flog
 què consult / knock / beat
 zhuó beat
 fǎn jī to strike back / to beat back / to counterattack
 dǎ sǐ to kill / to beat to death
 zǒu kāi to leave / to walk away / to beat it / to move aside
 bù dí no match for / cannot beat
 chū jú to send off (player for a foul) / to knock out (i.e. to beat in a knock-out tournament) / to eliminate / to call out / to kill off / to pull out of (a competition) / to retire (a runner in baseball) / out (i.e. man out in baseball)
 zǒu rén (coll.) to leave / to beat it
 dǎ yā to suppress / to beat down
 ōu dǎ to beat up / to come to blows / battery (law)
退 jī tuì to beat back / to repel
 bào dǎ to beat viciously
 shǎn rén (coll.) to beat it / to take French leave
 shāng nǎo jīn to be a real headache / to find sth a real headache / to beat one's brains
 luàn tiào to jump about / (of the heart) to beat wildly
 dú dǎ beat up / CL:頓|顿[dun4]
 qīng qǔ to beat easily / to gain an easy victory
 táng sè to muddle through / to fob sb off / to beat around the bush / to dodge
 dǎ gǔ to beat a drum / to play a drum / (fig.) to feel nervous
 kǎn jià to bargain / to cut or beat down a price
 dǎ mà to beat and scold
 zhuàn quān to rotate / to twirl / to run around / to encircle / rotation / (coll.) to speak indirectly / to beat about the bush
 quán dǎ jiǎo tī lit. to punch and kick (idiom) / to beat up / fig. determined to sort out a problem
 pāi bǎn clapper-board / auctioneer's hammer / to beat time with clappers
 gǔn dàn get out of here! / beat it!
 shā jià to beat down the price / to haggle / to slash one's prices
 xīn xīn xiāng yìn two hearts beat as one (idiom) / a kindred spirit
 kāi luó to beat the gong to open a performance
 guǎi wān mò jiǎo lit. going round the curves and skirting the corners (idiom) / fig. to speak in a roundabout way / to equivocate / to beat about the bush
 tòng dǎ to beat sb soundly
 wéi ōu to gang up and beat
退 dǎ tuì to beat back / to repel / to repulse
 yī pāi jí hé lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom) / to hit it off / to click together / to chime in easily
 dǎ cǎo jīng shé lit. beat the grass to scare the snake / to inadvertently alert an enemy / to punish sb as a warning to others (idiom)
 zhuī dǎ to chase and beat
 jiāng jì jiù jì to beat sb at their own game (idiom)
 gǔ diǎn drum beat / rhythm
 fèi jìn xīn jī to rack one's brains for schemes (idiom) / to beat one's brains out
 kǎo dǎ to beat a prisoner (to obtain confessions) / to give sb the third degree / to torture
 liū zhī dà jí to steal away / to beat it
退 dá tuì táng gǔ lit. to beat the return drum (idiom) / fig. to give up / to turn tail
退 dǎ tuì táng gǔ lit. to beat the return drum (idiom) / fig. to give up / to turn tail
 qiāo luó to beat a gong
 dǎo làn to mash / to beat to a pulp
 dōu quān zi to encircle / to go around / to circle / to beat about the bush
 bàng chuí wooden club (used to beat clothes in washing)
 míng jīn to beat a gong / to sound the retreat
 bó dòng to beat rhythmically / to throb / to pulsate
 yī bǎn yī yǎn lit. one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar) (idiom) / fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter / scrupulous attention to detail
 kǒu jì beat boxing / vocal mimicry / ventriloquism
 chuí xiōng dùn zú to beat one's chest and stamp one's feet (idiom)
 rào quān zi to go around in circles / to make a detour / (fig.) to beat about the bush
 shuāi da to knock / to grasp sth in the hand and beat it / to toughen oneself up
 dǎ luò shuǐ gǒu lit. to beat a drowning dog (idiom) / fig. to pulverize an (already defeated) enemy / to hit sb when he's down
 zǎo bó (medicine) premature beat / extrasystole
 dǎ kāi tiān chuāng shuō liàng huà not to mince words / not to beat about the bush
 rào wān zi lit. to go on a long detour / fig. to speak vaguely around the topic without getting to the point / to beat about the bush
 dǎ pāi zi to beat time
 míng luó kāi dào to beat the gong to clear the way / (fig.) to pave the way for sth
 shǎn to dodge / to duck out of the way / to beat it / shaken (by a fall) / to sprain / to pull a muscle / lightning / spark / a flash / to flash (across one's mind) / to leave behind / (Internet slang) (of a display of affection) "dazzlingly" saccharine
 gǎng mound / policeman's beat
 ōu to beat up / to hit sb
 zòu to beat up / to break to pieces
 pǐ to beat the breast
 qiāo biān gǔ to back sb up / to support sb in an argument / (lit. to beat nearby drum)
 yī bǎn sān yǎn lit. one strong beat and three weak beats in a measure of music (four beats in the bar) (idiom) / fig. scrupulous attention to detail
 xīn yǒu líng xī yī diǎn tōng hearts linked as one, just as the proverbial rhinoceros communicates emotion telepathically through his single horn (idiom) / fig. two hearts beat as one
 léi gǔ míng jīn to beat the drum and sound the gong (idiom) / fig. to order an advance or retreat / to egg people on or to call them back
 jī gǔ míng jīn to beat the drum and sound the gong (idiom) / fig. to order an advance or retreat / to egg people on or to call them back
 bèng bā diào kǎo to strip, tie up, hang and beat sb, an ancient torture technique
 míng jīn shōu jūn to beat the gong to recall troops (idiom) / to order a retreat
 zhēng qiáng hào shèng competitive / ambitious and aggressive / to desire to beat others
 chuí to beat with the fist / to hammer
 è beat a drum / startle
 zōu beat the night watches / grasp
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