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退 shuāi tuì to decline / to fall / to drop / to falter / a decline / recession (in economics)
 xià jiàng to decline / to drop / to fall / to go down / to decrease
 xià diē to fall / to tumble
 luò xià to fall / to drop / to land (of projectile)
 qiū jì autumn / fall
 xià luò whereabouts / to drop / to fall
 diào xià to drop down / to fall
 zhuì luò to fall / to drop
 diē dǎo to tumble / to fall / fig. to suffer a reverse (in politics or business)
 diē luò to fall / to drop
 jīn qiū fall / autumn
 jiàng xià to fall / to drop
 xià cuò (of sales, prices etc) to fall / to drop / decline / slump
 lún luò to degenerate / impoverished / to fall (into poverty) / to be reduced (to begging)
 shuāi luò to fall / to drop / to decline / to deteriorate / to go downhill
 gōng xiàn to overcome / to take (a fortress) / to fall (to an attack) / to surrender
 xiàn luò to surrender (of a fortress) / to fall (to the enemy) / subsidence (of land)
 Hán guó South Korea (Republic of Korea) / Han, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 戰國七雄|战国七雄[zhan4 guo2 qi1 xiong2] / Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897
 luò hòu to fall behind / to lag (in technology etc) / backward / to retrogress
 ài shàng to fall in love with / to be in love with
 bō dòng to undulate / to fluctuate / wave motion / rise and fall
 yáo gǔn rock 'n' roll (music) / to rock / to fall off
 bù jí to fall short of / not as good as / too late
 bēng kuì to collapse / to crumble / to fall apart
 luò dì to fall to the ground / to be set on the ground / to reach to the ground / to be born / (of a plane) to land
 duò luò to degrade / to degenerate / to become depraved / corrupt / a fall from grace
 huí luò to fall back / to return to low level after a rise (in water level, price etc)
 shēng bìng to fall ill
 dào qī to fall due (loan etc) / to expire (visa etc) / to mature (investment bond etc)
退 hòu tuì to recoil / to draw back / to fall back / to retreat
 bàng wǎn in the evening / when night falls / towards evening / at night fall / at dusk
 luò rù to fall into
 diào luò to fall down
 jiǎn ruò to weaken / to fall off
 huí shēng to rise again after a fall / to pick up / rally (stock market etc)
 rù shuì to fall asleep
 diē pò (of a market index etc) to fall below (a given level) / to be injured or damaged as a result of a fall
 tiào shuǐ to dive (into water) / (sports) diving / to commit suicide by jumping into water / (fig.) (of stock prices etc) to fall dramatically
 dǎo dì to fall to the ground
 guī shǔ to belong to / to be affiliated to / to fall under the jurisdiction of / a place where one feels that one belongs / one's final destination (where one need look no further)
 kàn shàng to look upon / to take a fancy to / to fall for
 xià shuǐ downstream / to go into the water / to put into water / to launch (a ship) / fig. to fall into bad ways / to lead astray / to go to pot
 sàn luò to disperse / to fall scattered / to sprinkle
 dòng qíng to get excited / passionate / aroused to passion / to fall in love / on heat (of animals)
 shuāi dǎo to fall down / to slip and fall / to throw sb to the ground
 liú chǎn to have a miscarriage / miscarriage / to fail / to fall through
 piāo luò to float down / to fall gently (snowflakes, leaves etc)
 dà diē large fall
 tuō diào to remove / to take off / to strip off / to discard / to shed / to come off / to fall off
 jué xǐng to awaken / to come to realize / awakened to the truth / the truth dawns upon one / scales fall from the eyes / to become aware
 zhǎng diē rise or fall in price
退 dào tuì to fall back / to go in reverse
 rè liàn to fall head over heels in love / to be passionately in love
 zhēng xiāng to fall over each other in their eagerness to...
 diē zhì to fall to
 huàn bìng to fall ill
 zhuì rù to drop into / to fall into
 zhōng qíng to fall in love / to love sb or sth dearly (lover, or art)
 piāo líng to fall and wither (like autumn leaves) / (fig.) drifting and homeless
 luò wǔ to fall behind the ranks / to be outdated
 bào diē (economics) to slump / steep fall (in value etc)
 qīng xīn to admire wholeheartedly / to fall in love with
 luò kōng to fail / to fall through / to come to nothing
 luò shuǐ to fall into water / to sink / overboard / fig. to degenerate / to sink (into depravity) / to go to the dogs
 fān liǎn to fall out with sb / to become hostile
 tì shēn stand-in / substitute / body double / stuntman / scapegoat / fall guy / to stand in for sb else
 xià tái to go off the stage / to fall from position of prestige / to step down (from office etc) / to disentangle oneself / to get off the hook
 diē dǎo to fall / to tumble
 zhuì huǐ (of an airplane etc) to fall to the ground and crash
 cǐ qǐ bǐ fú up here, down there (idiom) / to rise and fall in succession / no sooner one subsides, the next arises / repeating continuously / occurring again and again (of applause, fires, waves, protests, conflicts, uprisings etc)
 shuāi jiāo to trip and fall / to wrestle / wrestling (sports)
 luò bài to suffer a defeat / to fail / to fall behind
 xiàn yú caught in (a bad situation) / to fall into (trap etc)
 Wǔ dài Five Dynasties, period of history between the fall of the Tang dynasty (907) and the founding of the Song dynasty (960), when five would-be dynasties were established in quick succession in North China
 zhòng zhāo to get infected / to fall into sb's trap
 chén fú lit. sinking and floating / to bob up and down on water / ebb and flow / fig. rise and fall / ups and downs of fortune / vicissitudes
 xīng shuāi prosperity and decline (of a kingdom) / rise and fall
 lún xiàn to fall into enemy hands / to be occupied / to degenerate / to submerge
 bìng sǐ to fall ill and die / to die of illness
 qǐ luò to rise and fall / takeoff and landing / ups and downs
 mái mò to engulf / to bury / to overlook / to stifle / to neglect / to fall into oblivion
 luò mǎ (lit.) to fall from a horse / (fig.) to suffer a setback / to come a cropper / to be sacked (e.g. for corruption)
 bù jué yú ěr (of sound) to never stop / to fall incessantly on the ear / to linger on
 lái lóng qù mài the rise and fall of the terrain (idiom) / (fig.) the whole sequence of events / causes and effects
 pū dǎo to fall down
 rù mián to fall asleep
 lí huàn to suffer (from an illness) / to fall ill
 dé bìng to fall ill / to contract a disease
 bìng dǎo to fall ill / to be stricken with an illness
 diē jià to fall in price
 zhēng qì to work hard for sth / to resolve on improvement / determined not to fall short
 zhòng jì to fall into a trap / taken in by a stratagem / cheated / ripped off
 shuāi sǐ to fall to one's death
西 Lù xī fǎ Lucifer (Satan's name before his fall in Jewish and Christian mythology)
 shuì zháo to fall asleep
 luò nàn to meet with misfortune / to fall into dire straits
 jìn dài shǐ modern history (for China, from the Opium Wars until the fall of the Qing Dynasty, i.e. mid-19th to early 20th century)
 zāi dǎo to take a fall
 shuāi shāng to injure oneself in a fall
 bài lù (of a plot etc) to fall through and stand exposed
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