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 chóu hèn to hate / hatred / enmity / hostility
 zēng hèn to detest / hatred
 fèn hèn to hate / hatred / to resent / embittered
 hèn yì rancor / hatred / bitterness / resentfulness
 xián wù to loathe / to abhor / hatred / revulsion
 chóu hatred / animosity / enmity / foe / enemy / to feel animosity toward (the wealthy, foreigners etc)
忿 fèn anger / indignation / hatred
 xián yuàn grievance / hatred
 xián hèn hatred
 hēi xīn ruthless and lacking in conscience / vicious mind full of hatred and jealousy / black core (flaw in pottery)
 shēn wù tòng jué to detest bitterly (idiom) / implacable hatred / to abhor / anathema
 qián xián former hatred / bygone enmity
 jié yuàn to arouse dislike / to incur hatred
 chóu yuàn hatred and desire for revenge
 xuè shū letter written in one's own blood, expressing determination, hatred, last wishes etc
怀 huái hèn to nurse hatred / to harbor a grudge / spiteful
 yuān chóu rancor / enmity / hatred resulting from grievances
 kǔ dà chóu shēn great bitterness, deep hatred (idiom) / deeply ingrained long-standing resentment
 qiè gǔ zhī chóu bitter hatred / hatred that cuts to the bone
 hèn hǎi nán tián sea of hatred is hard to fill (idiom) / irreconcilable division
 xīn chóu jiù hèn new worries added to old hatred (idiom) / afflicted by problems old and new
 jiù chóu xīn hèn old worries with new hatred added (idiom) / afflicted by problems old and new
 shí ròu qǐn pí to eat sb's flesh and sleep on their hide (idiom) / to swear revenge on sb / implacable hatred / to have sb's guts for garters
 yǐn hèn tūn shēng to harbor a grudge with deep-seated hatred (idiom)
 yīn ài chéng hèn hatred caused by love (idiom) / to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person
宿 sù hèn old hatred
 nù hèn extreme hatred / animosity / spite
 zì yá to stare in anger / a look of hatred
 chóu rén xiāng jiàn , fèn wài yǎn hóng when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred (idiom)
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