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 xīng sōng drowsy-eyed / wavering / indecisive / awake / conscious / clearheaded
 ná bù zhǔn in doubt / unsure of sth / unable to decide / indecisive
 zhāo sān mù sì lit. say three in the morning but four in the evening (idiom) / to change sth that is already settled upon / indecisive / to blow hot and cold
 yōu róu gentle / carefree / indecisive / weak
 yōu róu guǎ duàn indecisive / irresolute
 bǎ chí bù dìng indecisive (idiom)
 nián pí dài gǔ (old) (idiom) muddled / indecisive / plodding
 yáo bǎi bù dìng indecisive / wavering
 chán indecisive / irresolute
 guī máo indecisive / fussy / nitpicking (Taiwan dialect)
 ān ē (literary) to hesitate / indecisive
 chóu chú bù jué to hesitate / indecisive
 páng huáng to pace back and forth / to hesitate / to be indecisive
 niān hū hū weak and indecisive
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