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 shàn shí meal
 zhèng cān (regular) meal / full meal / main course
 cān diǎn food / dish / meal
 fàn cooked rice / CL:碗[wan3] / meal / CL:頓|顿[dun4] / (loanword) fan / devotee
 cān meal / to eat / classifier for meals
 chī fàn to have a meal / to eat / to make a living
 zhěng zhì to bring under control / to regulate / to restore to good condition / (coll.) to fix (a person) / to prepare (a meal etc)
 wǎn cān evening meal / dinner / CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4],次[ci4]
 wǎn fàn evening meal / dinner / supper / CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4],次[ci4],餐[can1]
 tào cān set meal / product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)
 zuò fàn to prepare a meal / to cook
 kuài cān fast food / snack / quick meal
 yòng cān to eat a meal
 dà cān great meal / banquet
 jìn shí to take a meal / to eat
 Zhōng cān Chinese meal / Chinese food / CL:份[fen4],頓|顿[dun4]
便 biàn dāng convenient / handy / easy / bento (a meal in a partitioned box) / lunchbox
 jù cān communal meal / formal dinner of club or group
 zì zhù cān buffet / self-service meal
 jìn cān to have a meal
 hé fàn meal in a partitioned box
便 jiā cháng biàn fàn simple home-style meal / common occurrence / nothing out of the ordinary
 yú fěn fish meal
 chá yú fàn hòu leisure time (over a cup of tea, after a meal etc)
 kāi fàn to serve a meal
 dào road / path / CL:條|条[tiao2],股[gu3] / principle / truth / morality / reason / skill / method / Dao (of Daoism) / to say / to speak / to talk / classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doors etc), questions (in an exam etc), commands, courses in a meal, steps in a process / (old) administrative division (similar to province in Tang times)
 sòng cān home delivery of meal
 chī bu shàng unable to get anything to eat / to miss a meal
 gǔ fěn bone meal
 yòng fàn to eat / to have a meal
便 biàn fàn an ordinary meal / simple home cooking
 jiā cān to have an extra meal / snack
 kōng kǒu incomplete meal of a single dish / meat or vegetable dish without rice or wine / rice without meat or vegetables
 guò táng to appear in court for trial (old) / (of Buddhist monks) to have a meal together in the temple hall
 qǐng to ask / to invite / please (do sth) / to treat (to a meal etc) / to request
 dǎ yá jì to have a large and sumptuous meal (traditionally on the 1st and 15th of each month)
 cán gēng leftovers from a meal
 dà bǎo kǒu fú to eat one's fill / to have a good meal
 lěng cān cold meal / cold food
 cán gēng shèng fàn leftovers from a meal / fig. remnants handed down from others
 dùn to stop / to pause / to arrange / to lay out / to kowtow / to stamp (one's foot) / at once / classifier for meals, beatings, scoldings etc: time, bout, spell, meal
 kè fàn cafeteria meal specially prepared for a group of visitors / set meal
 bū to eat / evening meal
 jùn remains of a sacrifice or a meal
 cán chá shèng fàn spoilt tea, leftover food (idiom) / remains after a meal / crumbs from the feast
 jùn remains of a sacrifice or a meal
 shū shí vegetarian meal / vegetarian diet
 fēi jī cān airplane meal (GM)
 chī variant of 吃 / to eat / to have one's meal / to eradicate / to destroy / to absorb / to suffer / to exhaust
 dà kuài duǒ yí to chew on a large slab (idiom) / a large mouthful is hard to chew / to tuck into a great meal
 hǎo fàn bù pà wǎn the meal is remembered long after the wait is forgotten / the good things in life are worth waiting for
 màn màn chī Enjoy your meal! / Bon appetit!
 yá jì a good meal / sumptuous food
 yòng cān shí jiān meal times
 liú fàn to put some food aside for sb / to invite sb to stay for a meal / invitation to dinner
 bǎi lè cān potluck meal
 cèng chī cèng hē to cadge a meal
 qīng shí light meal / snack
 liàng fù to estimate how much food is required for a meal
 fàn hòu fú yòng post cibum (pharm.) / to take (medicine) after a meal
 tāo tiè dà cān great meal fit for dragon's son (idiom) / sumptuous banquet
  daily meal allowance
  International Association of Fish Meal Manufacturers
  school meal programme
 yì kǔ fàn unsavory meal taken in remembrance of past hardships / fig. poor-tasting meal
 dà yú dà ròu dishes with generous amounts of meat and fish / lavish meal
 yǒu suǒ dé bì yǒu suǒ shī there is no gain without a loss (idiom) / there is no such thing as a free meal
 cū fàn an unappealing and unsatisfying meal
 dà dàn yī fān to have a square meal
 chuī cuàn to light a fire and cook a meal
 fàn hòu yī zhī yān , sài guò huó shén xiān have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)
 fàn hòu bǎi bù zǒu , huó dào jiǔ shí jiǔ walk a hundred steps after each meal and you will live a long life (proverb)
 fèn r fàn set meal
 dìng shí set meal (esp. in a Japanese restaurant)
 dài cān meal replacement
 tì cān meal replacement
 lǐng hé fàn (coll.) (of an actor with a bit part) to receive a boxed meal when one's job is done (phrase used e.g. by movie viewers when a character dies)
 diǎn cān (at a restaurant) to order a meal / (of a waiter) to take an order
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