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 yán gé strict / stringent / tight / rigorous
 yán jùn grim / severe / rigorous
 yán jǐn rigorous / strict / careful / cautious / compact / well-knit
 cóng yán strict / rigorous / severely
 jǐn yán meticulous / rigorous
 yán tight (closely sealed) / stern / strict / rigorous / severe / father
 dī shuǐ bù lòu lit. not one drop of water can leak out / watertight / rigorous (argument)
 fǎ wǎng the net of justice / rigorous process of the law / the long arm of the law
 sōng san to relax / loose / not consolidated / not rigorous
 lǎo móu shēn suàn rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom) / astute and circumspect
 diǎn shuǐ bù lòu not one drop of water leaks (idiom) / fig. thoughtful and completely rigorous / watertight
 yán gé gé lí rigorous isolation
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