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 chòu stench / smelly / to smell (bad) / repulsive / loathsome / terrible / bad / severely / ruthlessly / dud (ammunition)
 zhòng zhòng heavily / severely
 zhuó shí truly / indeed / severely / harshly
 cóng yán strict / rigorous / severely
 yán chéng to punish severely
 zhòng fá to punish severely
 bù yī bù ráo not to overlook, nor spare (idiom) / unwilling to forgive / to treat severely without listening to excuses
 tòng mà to bawl out / to reprimand severely
 yán chéng bù dài to punish severely (idiom)
 ái bǎn zi to suffer beating / fig. to be severely criticized / to take a hammering
 zhòng bàn to punish severely
 yán lì pī píng to criticize severely / to slate
 Liào Mò shā Liao Mosha (1907-1990), journalist and communist propagandist, severely criticized and imprisoned for 10 years during the Cultural Revolution
 cóng yán chéng chǔ to deal with sb severely (idiom)
 tòng pī to severely criticize
 zhòng chéng to punish severely
 zhòng fá bù yòng do not punish severely (and do not reward too generously)
  severely indebted low-income country
  Provisional Notification Scheme for Banned and Severely Restricted Chemicals
  severely indebted middle-income country
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