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 yuán mǎn satisfactory / consummate / perfect
 lìng rén mǎn yì satisfying / satisfactory
 shàng kě not bad / satisfactory
 shùn xīn happy / satisfactory
 chèn xīn satisfactory / agreeable
 wán mǎn successful / satisfactory
 suí xīn to fulfill one's desire / to find sth satisfactory
 bù zhōu not satisfactory / thoughtless / inconsiderate
 yì qǔ tóng gōng different tunes played with equal skill (idiom) / different methods leading to the same result / different approach but equally satisfactory outcome
 chā qiáng rén yì (idiom) just passable / barely satisfactory
 chèn xīn rú yì after one's heart (idiom) / gratifying and satisfactory / everything one could wish
 měi beautiful / very satisfactory / good / to beautify / to be pleased with oneself
  right to a sound, satisfactory and healthy environment
 chèn yì to be satisfactory
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