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 kuài lè happy / merry
 xìng fú happiness / happy / blessed
 gāo xìng happy / glad / willing (to do sth) / in a cheerful mood
 yú kuài cheerful / cheerily / delightful / pleasant / pleasantly / pleasing / happy / delighted
 huān lè gaiety / gladness / glee / merriment / pleasure / happy / joyous / gay
 xǐ yuè happy / joyous
 kuài huo happy / cheerful
 shū chàng happy / entirely free from worry
 měi mǎn happy / blissful
 tián mì sweet / happy
 xī xī hee hee / happy
 huān xǐ happy / joyous / delighted / to like / to be fond of
 tián měi sweet / pleasant / happy
 xīn xǐ happy
 róng róng in harmony / happy / warm relations
 shū xīn comfortable / happy
 huān yú happy / joyous / delighted
 shùn xīn happy / satisfactory
 kuān xīn relieved / comforted / to relieve anxieties / at ease / relaxed / reassuring / happy
 yí rán happy / joyful
 huān chàng happy / cheerful / jubilant
 huān yú to amuse / to divert / happy / joyful / pleasure / amusement
 xǐ zī zī pleased / happy
 lè zī zī (coll.) contented / happy
 lè happy / cheerful / to laugh
 xīn happy
 yù happy / carefree / at one's ease / variant of 預|预[yu4] / old variant of 與|与[yu4]
 xīn happy
 gě excellent / happy / well-being
 xīn pleased / delighted / happy / variant of 欣
 bǐng ancient city name / happy
 wú happy / used in historical names
 kuài kuài lè lè happy
 hāi (interj.) / happy / sound of laughter
 xū (literary) to blow or breathe upon / happy
 yù happy
 xǐ yín yín joyful / happy
 xǐ yíng yíng happy / joyful
 kuān zhǎn happy
 kuān shuǎng happy
 kuān shū happy / carefree
 kuài lè xìng fú cheerful / happy
 yí yuè pleasant / happy
 kāi xīn lè yuán cān Happy
 kāi xīn to feel happy / to rejoice / to have a great time / to make fun of sb
 hǎo shì good action, deed, thing or work (also sarcastic, "a fine thing indeed") / charity / happy occasion / Daoist or Buddhist ceremony for the souls of the dead
 lè yì to be willing to do sth / to be ready to do sth / to be happy to do sth / content / satisfied
 kāi huā to bloom / to blossom / to flower / fig. to burst open / to feel happy or elated / new development grows out
 shēng rì kuài lè Happy birthday
 hǎo qì to be happy / to be in a good mood
 chén mèn oppressive (of weather) / heavy / depressed / not happy / (of sound) dull / muffled
 xīn gān qíng yuàn delighted to (do sth, idiom) / perfectly happy to do / most willing to do
 kě xǐ making one happy / gratifying / heartening
 qí yù happy encounter / fortuitous meeting / adventure
 bài nián to pay a New Year call / to wish sb a Happy New Year
 xìng gāo cǎi liè happy and excited (idiom) / in high spirits / in great delight
 xǐ shì happy occasion / wedding
 Kāng lè peace and happiness (old) / healthy and happy / recreation
 xǐ sè happy expression / cheerful look
 lè tǔ happy place / paradise / haven
 fú dì happy land / paradise
 xiǎng fú to live comfortably / happy and prosperous life
 hé lè harmonious and happy
 kǒu fú happy knack for chancing upon fine food
 měi zī zī very happy / elated
 kě gē kě qì lit. you can sing or you can cry (idiom) / fig. deeply moving / happy and sad / inspiring and tragic
 xǐ táng sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)
 qiǎng yán huān xiào to pretend to look happy / to force oneself to smile
 fú fen one's happy lot / good fortune
 ān yú xiàn zhuàng to take things as they are (idiom) / to leave a situation as it is / to be happy with the status quo
 huān lè shí guāng happy time / happy hour (in bars etc)
 hào chī lǎn zuò happy to partake but not prepared to do any work (idiom) / all take and no give
 yí rán zì dé happy and content (idiom)
 huān yuè happiness / joy / to be happy / to be joyous
 bǎi nián hǎo hé may you live a long and happy life together (wedding greeting)
 Kuài lè Dà běn yíng Happy Camp (PRC TV series)
 xīn xǐ Happy New Year!
 kě qiǎo by happy coincidence
 Pǎo mǎ dì Happy Valley (suburb of Hong Kong)
 yì kǔ sī tián to view one's past as miserable and one's present as happy (idiom)
 xǐ to be fond of / to like / to enjoy / to be happy / to feel pleased / happiness / delight / glad
 táo very drunk / blotto / happy appearance / happy looks
 shuāng xǐ lín mén two simultaneous happy events in the family
 gōng hè xīn xǐ Happy New Year
 xǐ cóng tiān jiàng joy from heaven (idiom) / overjoyed at unexpected good news / unlooked-for happy event
 lè chāng zhī jìng happy wife-husband reunion
 lè chāng fēn jìng happy wife-husband reunion
 jìn huān ér sàn to disperse after a happy time (idiom) / everyone enjoys themselves to the full then party breaks up
 yí yán yuè sè happy countenance
 qíng rén jié kuài lè Happy Valentine's Day
使 shǐ gāo xìng to please / to make happy / to gratify / to rejoice
 xīn nián kuài lè Happy New Year!
 lìng jié festive season / happy time / noble principle
 xǐ chōng chōng to beam with joy / in a happy mood
 xǐ qian tip given on a happy occasion (traditional)
 hǎo qì wàn qiān deliriously happy (idiom)
 tián chàng comfortable and happy
 kǎi tì happy and easygoing / friendly
 chéng huān to cater to sb to make them happy (esp. of one's parents)
 xīn nián jìn bù Happy New Year!
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