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 nèi róng content / substance / details / CL:個|个[ge4],項|项[xiang4]
 mǎn zú to satisfy / to meet (the needs of) / satisfied / content
 lè yì to be willing to do sth / to be ready to do sth / to be happy to do sth / content / satisfied
 hán liàng content / quantity contained
 hán yì content / meaning / connotation / implication
 ān content / calm / still / quiet / safe / secure / in good health / to find a place for / to install / to fix / to fit / to bring (a charge against sb) / to pacify / to harbor (good intentions) / security / safety / peace / ampere
 hán yùn to contain / to hold / content / (of a poem etc) full of implicit meaning
 qiàn pouch / hold / content
 hán yì content / meaning / connotation / implication / same as 涵義|涵义
 dān content / happy
 nèi hán meaningful content / implication / connotation (semantics) / inner qualities (of a person)
 shuǐ fèn moisture content / (fig.) overstatement / padding
 tòng kuài delighted / to one's heart's content / straightforward / also pr. [tong4 kuai5]
 xiǎo biān editor or creator of online content (diminutive term, often used to refer to oneself: I, me, this writer)
 zhī zú content with one's situation / to know contentment (hence happiness)
怀 kāi huái to one's heart's content / without restraint
 chàng suǒ yù yán lit. fluently saying all one wants (idiom) / to preach freely on one's favorite topic / to hold forth to one's heart's content
 jìn xìng to enjoy oneself to the full / to one's heart's content
 nèi róng guǎn lǐ xì tǒng content management system (CMS) (Internet)
 yī xí huà the content of a conversation / words / remarks
 shì yóu main content / matter / work / origin of an incident / cause / purpose / subject (of business letter)
 zòng qíng to your heart's content
 Jīn píng méi Jinpingmei or the Golden Lotus (1617), Ming dynasty vernacular novel, formerly notorious and banned for its sexual content
 gān yú to be willing to / to be ready to / to be content with / accepting (of restriction, sacrifice, risk etc)
 hán shuǐ liàng moisture content / water content
 yǔ yì meaning / content of speech or writing / semantic
 chàng yǐn to have a few drinks / to drink to one's heart's content
 gāo rè liàng high calorie (foodstuff) / high heat content
 yí rán zì dé happy and content (idiom)
 ān fèn shǒu jǐ to be content with one's lot (idiom) / to know one's place
 piān ān content to hold a small part of the territory / fig. forced to relinquish the middle ground / forced to move away
 qiǎn cháng zhé zhǐ to dabble and stop (idiom) / to dip into / to attempt half-heartedly / content with a smattering of knowledge / also written 淺嘗輒止|浅尝辄止
 shí cí content word
 bù qiú shèn jiě lit. not requiring a detailed understanding (idiom) / only looking for an overview / not bothered with the details / superficial / content with shallow understanding
 zhí soil with large clay content
 hān chàng lín lí to one's heart's content (idiom)
 jiǔ zú fàn bǎo to have eaten and drunk to one's heart's content
 lè tiān zhī mìng to be content with what one is
 rén xīn bù zú shé tūn xiàng a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant (idiom)
 qū gōng ér zhěn lit. to use one's bent arm as a pillow (idiom) / fig. content with simple things
 ān pín lè dào to be content with poverty and strive for virtue (idiom)
 zhì dé yì mǎn fully content with one's achievements (idiom) / complacent
 ān fù zūn róng well-off and respected (idiom) / to be content with one's wealth and position
 ān fèn content with one's lot / knowing one's place
 hán shā liàng sand content / quantity of sediment (carried by a river)
姿 duō cǎi duō zī elegant and graceful posture / splendid, full of content
使 shǐ mǎn yì to make content
 bù gān yú unwilling to accept / not content with (a subservient role, a mediocre result etc)
 jiǎn fù lit. empty belly / hollow / vacuous / devoid of content
 zì qíng to indulge in something to one's heart's content / wanton or willful
 tián yú content and at ease
 rè hán enthalpy / heat content (thermodynamics)
 rè hán enthalpy / heat content (thermodynamics)
 yòng hù chuàng zào nèi róng user-generated content (of a website)
 shū shā liàng quantity of sand (transported by a river) / sediment content
 zhuī kè avid fan who anxiously awaits new content
 zhòng xíng shì qīng nèi róng heavy on form, light on substance / to stress form at the expense of content
 Jīn Píng Méi Cí Huà Jinpingmei or the Golden Lotus (1617), Ming dynasty vernacular novel, formerly notorious and banned for its sexual content
 hán yán liàng salt content / salinity
 xián dù salt content / salinity
  low-sulphur content
  energy content
  net explosive content
  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  sulphur content
  Working Group on Organization, Content and Methodology of Household Surveys
 qǐ yè jí nèi róng guǎn lǐ enterprise content management
  Networked Interactive Content Access
  ozone content
 shí zhì nèi róng yuán zé principle of content
湿线  moisture content profile
  total ozone content
 wǎng zhàn nèi róng zhuān jiā Web Content Specialist
  user-generated content
  domestic content requirements
 yán nóng duó salt content / salinity
  column content of ozone
  Document Content and Format Working Group
 chī zhe wǎn lǐ , kàn zhe guō lǐ lit. eyeing what's in the pot as one eats from one's bowl (idiom) / not content with what one already has / (of men, typically) to have the wandering eye
 fàng qíng to do sth to one's heart's content
 zì méi tǐ self-media (news or other content published on independently-operated social media accounts)
 jiàn huáng shī content moderator specializing in pornographic material (both online and offline)
 jiàn huáng to inspect videos and other media for pornographic content
 dú jī tāng (coll.) profit-motivated article cynically disguised as feel-good content 雞湯|鸡汤[ji1 tang1] and designed to go viral
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