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 mǎn yì satisfied / pleased / to one's satisfaction
 kuài rapid / quick / speed / rate / soon / almost / to make haste / clever / sharp (of knives or wits) / forthright / plainspoken / gratified / pleased / pleasant
 qiè yì satisfied / pleased / contented
 kuài yì pleased / elated
 xǐ zī zī pleased / happy
 táo pottery / pleased
 yú pleased
 yuè pleased
 yí harmony / pleased
 xīn pleased / moved
 xīn pleased / delighted / happy / variant of 欣
 yì pleased / rejoice
 biàn delighted / pleased
 huān pleased
 kàn pleased
 dé yì proud of oneself / pleased with oneself / complacent
 zì dé contented / pleased with one's position
 yáng yáng vast / impressive / self-satisfied / immensely pleased with oneself
 xīn kuàng shén yí lit. heart untroubled, spirit pleased (idiom) / carefree and relaxed
 xǐ chū wàng wài to be pleased beyond one's expectations (idiom) / overjoyed at the turn of events
 dé yì wàng xíng so pleased as to lose one's sense of measure / beside oneself with joy
 chūn fēng dé yì flushed with success / proud of one's success (in exams, promotion etc) / as pleased as punch
 yáng yáng dé yì immensely pleased with oneself (idiom) / proud / complacent
 kuài wèi to feel pleased
 měi beautiful / very satisfactory / good / to beautify / to be pleased with oneself
 dé sè pleased with oneself
 yáo tóu bǎi wěi to nod one's head and wag one's tail (idiom) / to be well pleased with oneself / to have a lighthearted air
 xǐ to be fond of / to like / to enjoy / to be happy / to feel pleased / happiness / delight / glad
 lè bù kě zhī overjoyed (idiom) / as pleased as punch
 yáng yáng zì dé immensely pleased with oneself (idiom) / proud / complacent
 qǐng duō duō guān zhào pleased to meet you / enchanté
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