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 gǔn dòng to roll / (to do sth) in a loop / to scroll (computing) / to progressively expand (economics) / to rumble (of thunder)
 juàn zhóu scroll (book or painting)
 fān dòng to flip over / to turn (a page) / to scroll (an electronic document) / to stir (food in a pot etc) / to move things about / to rummage
 shū juàn volume / scroll
 juàn scroll / book / volume / chapter / examination paper / classifier for books, paintings: volume, scroll
 héng fú horizontal scroll / banner / streamer
 huà juǎn picture scroll
 tiáo fú wall scroll (for painting or calligraphy) / banner
 héng pī horizontal scroll (for inscription)
 shǒu juǎn hand scroll (horizontal format for Chinese landscape painting) / hand roll (Japanese: temaki, style of fish cuisine) / hand rolled cigarette / hand roll (many contexts) / roll up
 lì zhóu vertical scroll (painting or calligraphy) / vertical shaft (of a machine)
 shàng kuǎn addressee / name of recipient on painting or scroll
 huáng dye paper / lake / pond / mount scroll
 zhàng hanging scroll
 guà zhóu hanging scroll (calligraphy or painting)
 táng kǎ thangka (Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting)
 xǐ zhàng celebratory hanging scroll
 wǎn zhàng large elegiac scroll
 huà zhóu character scroll / scroll painting
 juàn variant of 卷, curled up scroll
 tú zhóu scroll painting
 zhí fú vertical scroll / (advertising) vertical banner
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