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 zhē zhù to cover (up) / to block / to obstruct / to shade
绿 lu:4 yìn shade (of a tree)
 nóng dàn shade (of a color, i.e. light or dark)
 shù yīn shade (of a tree)
 yìn bì to be shaded or concealed by foliage / to conceal / hidden / covert / shade (of a tree)
 zhào cover / fish trap (basket) / shade
 yìn shade
 yì feather screen / to screen / to shade / cataract
 xiū protection / shade
 bù cycle of 76 years / shade
 shí zú ample / complete / hundred percent / a pure shade (of some color)
 guāng yǐng light and shadow / sunlight and shade
 shù yìn shade of a tree
 liǔ àn huā míng lit. the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light (idiom) / at one's darkest hour, a glimmer of hope / light at the end of the tunnel
 chéng liáng to cool off in the shade
 yīn gān to dry in the shade
 bèi yīn in the shade / shady
 bì yìn to give shade (of a tree etc) / to shield
 shǒu dā liáng péng to shade one's eyes with one's hand
 yuè shade of trees
 bì hǎi qīng tiān green sea, blue sky (idiom) / sea and sky merge in one shade / loneliness of faithful widow
 bì yīn to give shade (of a tree etc) / to shield
 yìn variant of 蔭|庇[yin4], shade
 hōng yún tuō yuè lit. to shade in the clouds to offset the moon (idiom) / fig. a foil / a contrasting character to a main hero
 yì variant of 翳, feather screen / to screen / to shade / cataract
 xiǎn huì light and shade
  sun shade
 wú xīn chā liǔ liǔ chéng yīn lit. idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you / (fig.) unintentional actions may bring unexpected success / also written 無心插柳柳成蔭|无心插柳柳成荫
绿 lu:4 yīn tree shade / shady
 dà shù dǐ xià hǎo chéng liáng lit. under a big tree the shade is plentiful (idiom) / fig. to benefit by proximity to an influential person
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