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 píng xíng parallel / of equal rank / simultaneous
 tóng rì same day / simultaneous
 qí neat / even / level with / identical / simultaneous / all together / to even sth out
 jiān double / twice / simultaneous / holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
 qí tóu bìng jìn to go forward together (idiom) / to undertake simultaneous tasks / going hand in hand
 tóng shēng chuán yì simultaneous interpretation
 fāng chéng zǔ (math.) simultaneous equations / system of equations
 zhì zhàng stagflation (i.e. simultaneous inflation and stagnation)
 tóng shēng fān yì simultaneous translation
 shuāng xǐ lín mén two simultaneous happy events in the family
 tóng chuán ěr mài simultaneous interpretation headset
 qí fàng broadside / simultaneous fired cannonade
  simultaneous extraordinary meetings
 tòng shí shì chá simultaneous inspections
广 tòng bù guǎng bō simultaneous broadcasting / simulcast
  simultaneous distribution of documents in all official languages
 yì yì fēng simultaneous interpretation facilities (loanword from "earphone")
 lián lì fāng chéng shì simultaneous equations (math.)
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