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 yùn dòng to move / to exercise / sports / exercise / motion / movement / campaign / CL:場|场[chang3]
 tǐ yù sports / physical education
 tǐ yù yùn dòng sports / physical culture
 tǐ yù huó dòng sports / sporting activity
 jī fēn integral (calculus) / accumulated points (in sports, at school etc) / total credits earned by student / bonus points in a benefit scheme
 jì lù to record / record (written account) / note-taker / record (in sports etc) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 qiú yuán sports club member / footballer, golfer etc
 qiú duì sports team (basketball, soccer, football etc)
 zhǔ bàn to organize / to host (a conference or sports event)
 jiào liàn instructor / sports coach / trainer / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
 ài hào zhě lover (of art, sports etc) / amateur / enthusiast / fan
 chǎng dì space / site / place / sports pitch
 qiú chǎng stadium / sports ground / court / pitch / field / golf course / CL:個|个[ge4],處|处[chu4]
 zhèn róng troop arrangement / battle formation / lineup (of a sports team etc)
 wǔ shù military skill or technique (in former times) / all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development) / self-defense / tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage) / also called kungfu 功夫 / CL:種|种[zhong3]
 yùn dòng huì sports competition / CL:個|个[ge4]
 qiú xīng sports star (ball sport)
 pǎo chē racing bicycle / sporting bicycle / sports car / logging truck / on the job (of a train conductor)
 zhǔ duì host team (at sports event) / host side
 yà jūn second place (in a sports contest) / runner-up
 lǐng duì to lead a group / leader of a group / captain (of sports squad)
 qún xióng outstanding heroes / warlords vying for supremacy (in former times) / stars (of sports or pop music)
 yùn dòng xié sports shoes / sneakers
 cāo chǎng playground / sports field / drill ground / CL:個|个[ge4]
 wèi miǎn to defend the crown (in sports championship)
 lěng mén a neglected branch (of arts, science, sports etc) / fig. a complete unknown who wins a competition
 qiú sài sports match / ballgame / CL:場|场[chang3]
 zhèn xíng formation (of a sports team, troops etc)
 jī fēn bǎng table of scores (in exams or sports league)
 huàn rén to replace sb (personnel, sports team player etc) / substitution
 xiǎo qiú sports such as ping-pong and badminton that use small balls / see also 大球[da4 qiu2]
 kāi dǎ (of a sports competition or match) to commence / (of a war or battle) to break out / to perform acrobatic or choreographed fighting (in Chinese opera) / to brawl / to come to blows
 lián duì wing (of an air force) / sports team representing a combination of entities (e.g. United Korea)
 jiào liàn yuán sports coach / training personnel
 yùn dòng chǎng sports field / playground / exercise yard
 zhōng chǎng end (of a performance or sports match) / last round of testing in the imperial examinations
 duì lěi to face off against one's adversary (military, sports etc)
 dǔ qiú (ball) sports betting
 bài běi (literary) to be routed (in a war) / to suffer defeat (in sports etc)
 qiú lèi ball sports
 bǐ sài xiàng mù sporting event / item on program of sports competition
 tǐ xiào sports college / school of physical training
 fēn to divide / to separate / to distribute / to allocate / to distinguish (good and bad) / part or subdivision / fraction / one tenth (of certain units) / unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm / minute (unit of time) / minute (angular measurement unit) / a point (in sports or games) / 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
 dà qiú sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball that use large balls / see also 小球[xiao3 qiu2]
 chū sài to compete / to take part (in a sports event)
 tǐ yù jiè sports circles / the sporting world
 shuǐ shàng yùn dòng water sports / aquatic motion / movement over water
 fǎn xīng fèn jì anti-doping / anti-stimulant / policy against drugs in sports
 yùn dòng shān sports shirt / sweatshirt / CL:件[jian4]
 wū lóng qiú own goal (football) / a goal in a sports match where the player accidentally puts the ball into his own goal
 jūn shì tǐ yù military sports / military fitness (curriculum etc) / abbr. to 軍體|军体
 fēng point of a spear / edge of a tool / vanguard / forward (in sports team)
 tián jìng yùn dòng track and field sports
 jūn tǐ military sports / military fitness (curriculum etc) / abbr. for 軍事體育|军事体育
 Guān lán Hú Mission Hills Group (Chinese hospitality, sports and leisure company)
 tǐ yù zhī chuāng Window on Sports
 Zhōng huá Quán guó Tǐ yù Zǒng huì All-China Sports Federation
 zài sài a replay (of sports match) / a play-off
 guó jiā tǐ wěi PRC sports and physical culture commission
 Guó jì Háng kōng Lián hé huì Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), world body of gliding and aeronautic sports
 Zhāng Bīn Zhang Bin (1979-), CCTV sports presenter
 hǎi shàng yùn dòng water sports (sailing, windsurfing etc)
 yìng dǐng pǎo chē sports coupé / (car)
 zhōng chǎng luó shēng the final bell (esp. in sports competition)
 wēng wēng zǔ lā vuvuzela (horn blown by sports fans)
  International Forum on Youth and Sports in Contemporary Society
  International Convention against Apartheid in Sports
  Arab Youth and Sports Ministers Council
  Sports Federation of Islamic Solidarity
  Conference of Ministers Responsible for Sports of the States Parties to the European Cultural Convention
  Association of African Sports Confederations
  Declaration on International Action against Apartheid in Sports
 fàn měi tǐ yù zǔ zhī Pan American Sports Organization
  International Declaration against Apartheid in Sports
  International Conference against Apartheid in Sports
  Sports for Peace programme
  Division of Youth and Sports
  Beijing Workers Sports Services Centre
  United Nations Register of Sports Contacts with South Africa
  International Campaign against Apartheid in Sports
  International Sports Federation for Persons with Mental Handicap
  Kosovo Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
  Conference on Physical Education and Sports of Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries
  Commission against Apartheid in Sports
  International Year for Physical Education and Sports in the Service of Development and Peace
  Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers
  Conferences of Francophone Ministers of Youth and Sports
  UNICEF Special Representative for Sports
  Special Representative for Sports
  International Fund Sports Disabled
  American Sports Committee
  European Sports Conference of the General Secretariat for Sports of the Hellenic Republic
  International Conference for Sanctions against Apartheid in Sports
  International Sports Federation / International Federation
  Conference of Sports Ministers
  Maghreb Sports Union
  International Working Group for the Construction of Sports and Leisure Facilities
  International University Sports Federation
  International Campaign Against Racism in Sports
  International Sports Organization for the Disabled
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