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 chū xiàn to appear / to arise / to emerge / to show up
 chǎn shēng to arise / to come into being / to come about / to give rise to / to bring into being / to bring about / to produce / to engender / to generate / to appear / appearance / emergence / generation / production / yield
 sì hū apparently / to seem / to appear / as if / seemingly
 xiǎn de to seem / to look / to appear
 chéng xiàn to appear / to emerge / to present (a certain appearance) / to demonstrate
 chū lái to come out / to appear / to arise
 xiàn shēn to show oneself / to appear / (of a deity) to appear in the flesh
 xiǎn xiàn appearance / to appear
 chū yǎn to appear (in a show etc) / an appearance (on stage etc)
 fàn qǐ to appear / to emerge / to surface
 lòu miàn to show one's face / to appear (in public)
 xiǎn lù chū to appear / to come out in the open
 jiàn dé to seem / to appear / (in a negative or interrogative sentence) to be sure
 chū lóng just out of the steamer basket 蒸籠|蒸笼 / to appear (of products, publications, sometimes derog., "lots of shoddy material is appearing nowadays")
 dēng chū to log out (computer) / to publish / to be published / to appear (in a newspaper etc)
 xiàn xíng to become visible / to appear / to manifest one's true nature
 xiàn to appear / present / now / existing / current
 qǐ to rise / to raise / to get up / to set out / to start / to appear / to launch / to initiate (action) / to draft / to establish / to get (from a depot or counter) / verb suffix, to start / starting from (a time, place, price etc) / classifier for occurrences or unpredictable events: case, instance / classifier for groups: batch, group
 jiàn to see / to meet / to appear (to be sth) / to interview
 xiàn to appear / also written 現|现[xian4]
 xíng to appear / to look / form / shape
 tòu to penetrate / to pass through / thoroughly / completely / transparent / to appear / to show
 ài indistinct / hazy / misty / to seem / to appear
𬀪 xiàn to appear (of sun)
 sì hu hěn ān quán to appear (to be) very safe
 xiàn to appear (of sun)
 dēng chū lái to publish / to appear (in print)
 zhàn lù to appear (formal)
 fú chū shuǐ miàn to float up (idiom) / to become evident / to surface / to appear
 shì xiàn (of a deity) to take a material shape / to appear
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